Paint inspired prints

Fashion and paint colour goes hand in hand. According to paint expert Karen Warman from Resene, who says, “When choosing a colour paint look in your wardrobe and see what you gravitate to”. Makes sense to us, what do you think? Here are the paint prints trending this season and the paint to complement.

Maaike Ink top, $295. Maaike Paper dress, $385. Maaike Infinite Ink dress, $495.

Resene Pale Rose paint, Resene Lavender paint, Resene Picton Blue and Resene Nightclub available from Resene ColorShops.

Kate Sylvester Madaline dress, $699. Kate Sylvester Lydia top, $249.

Resene Material Girl paint, Resene Onahau paint, Resene Cashmere paint, Resene Sauvignon paint available from Resene ColorShops.

Gorman Top Dog dress, $299. Gorman Pansy silk pant, $249.

Resene Classic Rose paint, Resene Nauti paint, Resene Buttercup, Resene Rustic red paint from Resene ColorShops.

Liam Carol knit dress, $289. Liam Carol Silk top, $229.

Resene Cargo paint, Resene Dauntless paint, Resene Paprika paint, Resene Soothe paint from Resene ColorShops.

Romance Was Born Psychedelic Vine top, $495. Romance Was Born Psychedelic Vine Party dress, $1065. Romance Was Born Psychedelic Vine Tiered $3125.

Resene Paper Doll pant, Resene Glorious paint, Resene Cabaret paint and Resene Time Out Paint available from Resene ColorShops.