Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet

You know when you're onto a good thing as a designer when you can roll out a new interpretation of a 20-year-old fragrance every season, and it will sell. Here is the story of the ever-popular Marc Jacobs Daisy and the next winner in his collection - eau de toilette, Love Eau So Sweet.


Marc Jacobs Daisy Love Eau So Sweet, from $89

What is it?

This is a sweet gourmand fragrance, and you will know this family from the edible notes that makes it smell so delightful and delicious.

What's in it?

From the first spritz, you will detect a hint of raspberry, followed by fresh, green bergamot and crystallized sweet cloudberries (an amber-coloured berry similar to the raspberry or blackberry in looks and taste).
While Daisy is a floral fragrance at heart, this new interpretation pushes those boundaries with ingredients such as daisy tree petals, and white musk. While staying true to the gourmand family the addition of sweet white iris wood, and creamy jasmine milk helps to make it last.

Why do we like it?

The oversized decadent-looking flower perched on the ballet-pink coloured frosted glass bottle is a nod to the playful fashion brand that is Marc Jacobs. While it's youthful, including the millennial pink bottle, it's not exclusively for girls. The brand says, "The soft floral airiness and delicate musky tones immerse you in the sweetness of the moment." We agree, there is no Daisy fragrance we can't wear and right now with our cold snap the warm, nourishing addition of those sweet notes is a welcome addition in our fragrance wardrobe.