KAren Walker kw Mischief

Once again Karen Walker has outdone herself with a stellar sunglass collection and epic campaign, by Louise Hilsz.

I am a colour enthusiast, so when I saw this collection, I was instantly drawn to it. Mischief inspires the range - and as you can see, drawing outside the lines. I love the crazy shapes and am so happy to see that the same vibrant colour remains from her last collection.

Karen Walker Mischief collection available online and in store now.

   Karen Walker   Treasure Black

Trudi's pick: Karen Walker Treasure Black, $329. 

"My go to look for sunglasses is bold and black. I love the quirky shape of these frames and gradient lens so you can still see the effort I make with my eye makeup."

   Karen Walker   Paradise Tangerine

Louise's pick: Karen Walker Paradise Tangerine, $329.

"I absolutely love the colour orange in my wardrobe and home, and what better way to wear this shade than in a statement pair of sunglasses - one word #stunning."