Meet Lindi Kingi

Jewellery designer Lindi Kingi shares her advice on business and what she loves about being part of the face-paced fashion industry.

Jewellery designer Lindi Kingi

Jewellery designer Lindi Kingi

Lindi Kingi is passionate about the craft of accessory designing and is still hands on when it comes to creating the finished product. She relishes her role in discovering the latest trends and creating enduring pieces that will be in women's wardrobes for years to come. From her classic beaded bracelets to the sterling sliver, precious stone keepsakes  under labels Lindi Kingi and Deluxe. She also designs a bespoke jewellery range for The Mint Republic that sits alongside Boh Rung and Gala Darling collections. And just when you thought, where does she find the time to do it all? We have been swooning over her luxe lingerie range Queen of the Foxes another of her creative projects. Here's a sneak peek into her busy working world. 

What’s a typical working day for you?
Designing and manufacturing mean every day is varied. It can be a day of researching trends, colours and designs or a day of invoicing and paperwork. My favourite day consists of sitting at my work-table putting pieces together.
What do you love about the fashion industry?
In New Zealand as much as we all love wearing black and are relatively conservative, we are also very willing to try new looks. This creates an unusual blend of fashion tastes, with a unique twist.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Inspiration is everywhere. From architecture to homewares, weddings, makeup, they are intertwined. You can easily be inspired if you look around you. Travelling is always great, and of course by far my favourite thing to do when I’m feeling in need of ideas.

How much does fashion influence accessory trends?
Fashion influences all things, accessories included. However, certain trends are timeless, and I think all brands are trying to create this, so they are always current, regardless of the colours or shapes of the season.

What are your favourite trends right now?
Being able to wear sneakers with any fashion look.
How do you stay competitive?

Being price competitive is only part of producing a product today. I think there is so much that people are more aware of – ethical standards and New Zealand made are two that resonate. And online shopping. It allows stores and customers to buy anything at any time. You have to have a connection with your buyer and customer and give them an experience. Great customer service, product knowledge and prompt delivery are all essential.

What has your business taught you about how women like to shop?
I think women still like to have the experience of shopping in a store, but more and more women are shopping online. As a supplier to boutiques, I work hard to support them, not undercutting them online and making sure the after care service is as good as the sale itself.

Travel is a big part of your job, any tips on a capsule wardrobe when travelling?
Most of my travelling revolves around meetings, markets and a certain amount of mayhem. Crazy countries where no one speaks English, things can get a little scary, so I am pretty conservative and have to be comfortable. Sneakers and active wear are my go-to look, sad, but true 

What’s your best fashion advice?
I have to quote Coco Chanel: “Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.”

What accessory will you be wearing this season?
I love my Elysian Sandalwood Beads and my Blessing Ring.  Haven't taken them off since discovering them a few months ago.

Photography Milana Radojcic