Tropical massage with Pure Fiji

Normally, massage does more for my state of mind than my muscles. But under the spell of the Fijian Bobo technique, it was a different experience. Trudi Brewer shares her Pure Fiji treatment in Denarau.

A tropical holiday is not complete without a trip to a spa. And when you are Fiji bound try and invest in the local Pure Fiji massage to get the benefit of the healing nut oils combined with a firm touch. My visit to Spa Denarau at Port Denarau could not have come at a better time. After a few busy days at a conference, I was really in need of some R & R. 
I should warn this massage technique is designed to relieve aches and pains. You will feel relaxed by the end of the 60 minutes but for me, the combination of the therapist's powerful palms, forearms and knuckles needing at my body, including digging purposefully into my stiff, desk-job shoulders, it became a workout for the entire body. 
The treatment begins in the spa lounge where feet are washed and left to soak in warm Coconut Milk Bath Soak, followed by a generous scrub using Coconut Sugar Rub, nothing comes close to how easily this sugar whisks away dry skin from heels, leaving it silky smooth. After the foot spa, the magic happens. Under the spell of Bobo massage, it starts on my back, and then legs, arms and shoulders. And after an hour, finishes with a heavenly head massage. I could never get tired of Pure Fiji's blend of fragrant oils infused with tropical flowers. From coconut to frangipani, mango, passionflower, pineapple, starfruit and my favourite White Gingerlily. The flickering candles and trickling stone fountains made it all the calmer in this spa, and by the time I drifted out, the range of motion in my neck and shoulders had not been that good for weeks  - I will be back.

Allow 60 minutes, $135.

You don't have to visit an island to create a tropical escape with Pure Fiji. Here's my pick of must haves.

Pure Fiji Coconut Milk Bath Soak, $46. Coconut Sugar Rub with Frangipani, $66. White Gingerlily Hydrating Body Lotion, $49.