Customised Colour

If you're still searching for the perfect foundation, your quest is over. Sarah Simpson trials the new Custom Color Foundation service with Elizabeth Arden's Queen Street Boutique.

Known as Elizabeth Arden’s Custom Color Foundation service, it's an entirely new concept that is fool proof. It promises Your Match, Custom Made. The machine is hooked up to an iPad, which in turn connects to a spectrophotometer, which is an optical skin diagnostic device. And this is where the fun starts. This system determines the colour, texture and finish of the perfect foundation to suit you and your lifestyle. It starts with a diagnostic tool that can read the skin’s level of darkness, gold or pink undertones, which allows it to dispense the correct amount of white, black, yellow and red pigment. Next, it determines your skin type, selecting from a range of priming, mattifying and moisturising ingredients, it also determines your coverage preference, including sheer, medium or opt for a full coverage.

And then with all that information it starts creating the perfect foundation just for you -   dispensed right before your eyes. 

All labelled and entered into the system which is recorded globally with the boutiques.

This machine is one of only three in the world, and as well as taking your personal skincare information and matching a foundation with scientific, colour precision, it can even personalise the bottle, adding your name, so when you run out, you can call up the Boutique for a new batch. And all that costs $88, almost the same as a hit and miss experience, buying straight from the shelf.  

The Elizabeth Arden Boutique, 62 Queen St, open seven days, including late nights.
Ph (09) 379 4869.