Decléor Aroma Blend tailor-made body ritual

As a beauty writer, I always have my ear to the ground on what's trending around the globe. And bespoke body treatments are on the rise. Tailored to meet the stress or fatigue levels in your body there is nothing like touch and healing oils to revive your senses - enter the new bespoke body treatment Decléor Aroma Blend.

A group od Decleor beauty products arranged against a grainy brown background in gold bottles and leaves emerging from between them

What is it?
Decléor is famous for using ‘plant power’ to heal the body. The oils and botanicals that make the products are pure and potent, as well as smelling and feeling divine once on the skin. The new Aroma Blend tailor-made body ritual uses 26 essential oils blended for you, using specific massage movements all with body shaping and detoxing in mind.  
How does it work?
A chance to have a treatment with Paris-based Declèor trainer Alexia Leroy (who has worked in spas all over the world) was a real treat. Visiting New Zealand to launch Aroma Blend at
More Than Skin Spa & Beauty in Albany the treatment begins with a few questions.
What is your state of mind? How are you feeling? What are your body and skin concerns? Which she marks the responses on a client card. The answers help guide you and the therapist toward the right cocktail of oils in order to help you relax or revive, firm up or detox. The format goes like this: There are four body concentrations, firming, lifting, refining and detoxing all designed for cellulite and fatigue. And there are three blends for your state of mind. Relaxation, energising and harmonising. I decide to go for firming and invigorating (and the Q&A confirmed my choice).
It’s all very precise and prescriptive, with the oils dispensed and blended on the spot in order to get the best results. The massage movements are also unique, light pinching, and pressure point release in addition to the standard circular effleurage movements. And while I should report I did drift off the sleep (it's very relaxing), I found it particularly energising on my tired legs and very firming on my not so tight butt. It's a full body experience; even the stomach area is massaged, (if you like that) and there are breathing exercises that go along with the treatment to restore the body's oxygen supply. The back is heated with hot towels, and then stretched, even the fingers and toes are manipulated to stretch out the joints. There is not one muscle in the body that isn't treated to a workout.
Why do we like it?
I like to be told what my body needs by a pro. And, I enjoy a firm massage. And as a beauty nerd, I love the blend of innovative and natural essential oils - so I was sold. This will be a monthly must-have to many women on the go that need downtime. Aroma Blend will be available at selected Declèor salons in the new year. Allow an hour, and expect to pay $240.
Take home?
The follow-up home care is a dry touch oil and a rich cream. I have a ritual of moisturising my body every morning after the shower. I am a true believer that exercise is the secret to firm skin, but the biggest skin issue over 40 is crepey skin, which is often due to dehydration and oestrogen levels decreasing - and exercise will not correct that. Taking oil supplements and adding topical moisture in the form of rich creams and oils makes a huge difference to how skin looks and feels as you get older. My picks are below.


Aroma Svelt Body Grapefruit Dry Touch Oil Serum, $135 and Firming Oil-in-Cream, $125 were my take home to use post treatment.