Grey interiors

There comes a time in your home decor journey that you embrace the less-is-more aesthetic. Invest in good quality furniture, a neutral backdrop and add colour each new season with soft furnishings. So if your living spaces need a refresh, grey is the new neutral trending on Pinterest, and summer is the season to use it for a cool change.
Here's our pick of grey inspiration for your living space. 

Top tips: Add colour with complementary pastels. Mint green, coral and lemon really pop against cool grey tones on walls and floors.

Create an elegant look to each room by pairing grey with wood. In white or natural, the warm patina of timber is an excellent way to lift the cool mood of grey.

Our pick of new season accessories.

Top row: Recycled wood coffee table, $500 from Citta Design. Home Republic Galerie Print Marte, $200 from Adairs. Loring cabinet with mesh in basalt grey from Un Deux Trois.
Second row: Euro lounge chair from $1600, Republic Home. Home Republic Ubud cushion, $50 from Adairs, Parisian arm chair, $2300 from Republic Home.


For the most relaxing room in the house, grey is a sophisticated shade with all the earthy qualities of beige but the cool overtone makes it ideal for creating a chilled-out vibe.

Here's our pick of grey inspiration for the bedroom. 

Top tips: Paint a dimly lit bedroom with bold shades such as Resene Blast Grey or Fuscous Grey. The deep pigment makes the room feel intentionally moody and romantic.

Consider where the sunlight comes into the room before adding colour. Use bright or metallic greys in north facing rooms, which tend to be darker. And warm colours in a west facing room. And in rooms that are south and east-facing opt for greys with white or blue undertones.

Our pick of new season accessories.

Top row: Jamie Kay bubble stitch merino wool blanket in periscope grey, $189 from Let Liv. Rebecca Judd Loves Home Republic glacier marble side table, $170 from Adairs. Leather and wood lo rider chair, $895 fro Indie Home
Second row: Jacquard towels from $20 from Citta Design. Ay Illuminate cotton cover, $785 from Indie Home. Aura diamond coverlet standard pillowcase, $50 from Smith and Caughey. 

Images Pinterest and supplied.