Beauty blogger Ruth Crilly

UK model turned beauty blogger Ruth Crilly knows how to transform her look. With baby number two on the way and the face of dry shampoo brand Colab she has some solid advice when it comes to hair and beauty habits. We caught up with Crilly on all things beauty and the products she won't be without.

Crilly with her daughter. Image Pinterest

Crilly with her daughter. Image Pinterest

What does beauty mean to you?
Beauty is feeling confident, knowing your strengths, whether that’s regarding your outward appearance or what’s going on inside. 

Who are your beauty icons?
I currently have an obsession with Gillian Anderson (formerly of the X-Files), and now featuring in the BBC’s series The Fall. She’s stunning, her hair and makeup in the show are to me - just perfect.

What would we always find in your makeup bag?
I’m getting into these cushion foundations as they’re so easy to transport and touch up on the go. Always a concealer, mascara, and usually a lip balm. A mini can of Colab dry shampoo because I have very limp, annoying roots that always look flat. I spritz in dry shampoo to give the roots a little boost quite frequently throughout the day. 

What is the one product you would never be without?
Ugh, I can never decide when I’m asked this. I suppose I could cheat and say something like the Bare Minerals Complexion Rescue, which has tint, moisture and an SPF all in one. I can never choose one product, apart from haircare, in which case it would obviously be my dry shampoo. 

What is your go-to lip product?
The YSL Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks, which are a doddle to use but help you to look the part. I have shade 47 Beige Blouse always on the go.

Crilly's best beauty buys.

What’s your secret when it comes to having seriously shiny hair?
Don’t use heated stylers too often. And I try not to wash my hair too often - only once every two or three days. It looks the best on day two. And I use a serum on the ends for adding shine. 

What is your go-to makeup look for weekends?
Nude lips and a smokey eye, using warm, copper or bronze eye shadow shades. I think I look quite weird with cooler grey tones on my eyes.

What beauty advice do you find yourself sharing with your friends?
Use a lip liner as you get older to make your lips look fuller. I've realised, looking through old photos, your lips start to look less defined and thinner and it's quite ageing. The lip liner counteracts this to some extent. 

What would surprise us about your beauty routine?
That it often falls short of the mark - I’m so busy at home that I can go for days without putting on makeup. I never skip on cleansing, though - I’m a skin cleansing addict. 

What’s your best beauty tip for summer?
Use a great gradual tanner on your face to beat the temptation to fry your skin in the sun. I use Hylamide Glow (they are drops you add to your moisturiser or use as a serum) and I am just about to give James Read’s Overnight Mask a go.