Have you tried orange wine?

Not made with oranges, editor Trudi Brewer shares a new summer-inspired wine that is something spicy.

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Apparently, orange wine is a thing? it’s been knocking around Europe for centuries and now it’s making it onto wine lists around town - just in time for summer. The newest named Project X (Orange Wine) Skins Fermented Sauvignon Blanc from The Hunting Lodge - here’s what I think.

What is orange wine?

It's a vintage style of winemaking that began 8,000 years ago, in the continent of Eurasia, (Europe and Asia). This style of wine is making a comeback globally, and now locally. New from The Hunting Lodge, Project X (Orange Wine) Skins Fermented Sauvignon Blanc Waimauku 2019, $28.

Project X (Orange Wine) Skins Fermented Sauvignon Blanc Waimauku 2019, $28.

What's in it?

A white wine that is made like a red wine. The grapes used are white, however unlike white wine where the fruit is pressed, and the skins are discarded right away, orange wine ferments with the skins, which is how it gets that pretty apricot colour. This makes it a very versatile style of wine to food match, you can serve orange wine with most dishes from seafood to meats, because of it’s full-body flavour and spicy aroma.

What does it taste like?

Be prepared for a taste sensation. While it’s made from a wild white wine grape, the Sauvignon Blanc, orange wine is not light and fruity, like white wine, or a French-style rosè. These amber-tinted wines are rich, with a hint of sweet dried fruit, or tart tea, followed by a savoury, herby bite. The latest from The Hunting Lodge, Project X Orange Wine contains no sulphites, (often to blame for that post-wine hangover) only the natural tannins from the seeds and the grape skins are present, which help preserve the wine. Once fermented for 30 days, it spends three months of maturation in seasoned oak barrels, free from the touch of the winemaker. The result, the brand says “It’s an amalgam of smokey herbals, white florals and Asian spices on the nose.”
We think it has a citrus bite, and a unique nutty earthiness that red wine drinkers will love. Coming into summer and the BBQ season, will think this orange variety will be a popular choice for alfresco dining.
The only thing left to say is, if you like bold red wine or want a change from rosè, then you must try a glass of this new orange wine, we like it - just throwing that out there.