The mascara everyone is buying right now

Once that petticoat network of women starts raving about a certain mascara wand, we're all inclined to think it's something we need right now. And this thinking most certainly applies to our desert-island beauty buy - mascara. Here are the latest, greatest bestselling, wonder wands to groom your lashes right now, says Trudi Brewer.

Editor Trudi Brewer shares some of the best buys and tips on how to make the most of your smallest assets - your lashes with Melanie Holmer on TV3’s The Cafe.

From the curved wand that ensures you coat every single lash, bristles that lift and curl, a a mascara that will not budge, smudge or smear during the day. Here are the latest, greatest, wonder wands to groom your best assets - yep we are talking lashes, says editor Trudi Brewer.


Rimmel London Wonder'Luxe Volume Mascara, in Black, $23.

The clever curved wand hugs your lashes from the roots to the tips, and the oil-infused formula encourages growth, thanks to Argan, passionfruit (maracuja), marula and camellia oils. Think length and strength with this new cheeky beauty buy.


Before you apply mascara make sure your lashes are clean from old mascara. This ensures a clump-free finish.


TOO FACED Damn Girl! 24 Hour Mascara, $40.

A smudge and flake resistant wand, with a dual fiber infinity brush hugs, lifts, and curls each lash. And in two coats the mousse-like formula gives you the most outrageously long lashes.



To get a clump-free finish, apply mascara in several thin layers, rather than on speedy, rushed application. Always wait a few minutes between layers. The thin coats offer lift, length, and volume without any stickiness or clumping.

Screen Shot 2019-06-20 at 8.32.34 PM.png

Shiseido Controlled Chaos Mascara Ink in Sapphire Spark, $60.

Coloured mascara is back. And this intense shade Sapphire Spark (pictured here) has an 80's vibe. The unique brush has what's called memory flex bristles, that are concave to help boost volume while the ink formulation is a blend of hard and soft wax, as well as polymers that wrap around the lashes sealing in the highly pigmented colour. This mascara is also available in Emerald Rush, Flashing Violet, and Black Bolt.


To get the best application, try the 'wiggle and roll’ technique. Simply wiggle the wand at the root of your lashes to help with lift, and then rotate your brush as you move it towards the tips. This way the bristles catch every lashe – long and short. This technique does guarantee full, fanned-out glossy-looking lashes - in two coats.


Dior Diorshow Pump’N’Volume Mascara, $30.

First, the tube packaging has a squeezable base that, which you can squeeze the move the formula around the tube. From dramatic to subtle, it coats each lash in the glossy, intense colour that will not budge. There are three shades black, brown and blue.


Most women fall in love with the brush, not the mascara formula, when they think they have found their mascara match. If you love a particular brush, when the mascara is finished, wash it thoroughly, and use it with other mascara formulas. It’s also a great way to recycle.


Nars Climax Mascara, $40.

We keep going back to this mascara, which lives up to its rep as a game-changing wonder wand. It's all thanks to the ribbed bristles that coat even the smallest lashes, offering lift and curl without clumps. And so far we have never had to suffer smudges under the eyes - it's genius.


To add drama to any mascara application, along the top lash line, dot black eyeliner in the gaps between your lashes, along the top. This technique makes your lashes appear thicker, without making it obvious that you're wearing any liner at all.