Do you want laser?

Much more gentle on the skin than microdermabrasion, less visible shedding than a high strength acid peel, and long term, the results are remarkable. Find out why editor Trudi Brewer rates the Fraxel re:fine laser skin treatment.

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Skincare is a deal breaker when your complexion is dry and looks dull, but for helping to get your glow back, a high tech laser treatment is the holy grail for reducing the look of pigmentation, dullness, acne scarring and fine lines. Here’s everything you need to know before you book a session.


What skin concerns does Fraxel re:fine? laser treat?

From brown spots to dullness and fine lines, this speedy, almost pain-free treatment tackles all those ageing concerns. This high-tech treatment works deep down in the skin to renew the look of hyperpigmentation, acne scarring, dullness, and fine lines. This laser can be used on the face, the neck, décolletage, and hands, as an anti-ageing boost and results will be seen over a few months. It’s also suitable for all skin types including Asian and anyone with dark skin. About Face are the only skin experts in New Zealand offering Fraxel re:fine laser skin treatments.


How do you tell a good laser from a bad laser?

Do your research on skin clinics. Always have a consultation, and make sure the skin expert treating your skin is well trained - those certificates on the wall mean something. Also the Fraxel re:fine laser is an expensive machine, and would not be accessible at most skincare clinics. This Fraxel treatment is top quality and works to rejuvenate the look of sun-damaged, lined and aged-looking skin.


What sets Fraxel:refine apart from other laser treatments?

It targets areas on the skin that need rejuvenation, but it will not change healthy tissue - hence less irritation. Using a targeted, laser beam hand tool, the skin expert passes the tool over the skin to create channels (controlled micro-injuries in the skin). Working deep down, this laser renews the skin from the inside out, a process that tricks your skin into kick-starting new collagen production, enhancing and refreshing the look of an uneven, dull looking skin.


How painful is Fraxel: refine?

Everyone has a unique and individual pain threshold. For me it feels much like a hot rubber band flicking onto the skin. Your face can be numbed with an anesthetic cream before the treatment, to dull this sensation - an upside, the actual treatment is swift, and is over within a few minutes.


How do I care for my skin post-treatment?

Your skin looks and feels like it has wind burn. Your complexion will be slightly red, you may see mild swelling or puffiness for two to three days post-treatment. It will feel rough and look scaly but this will settle down within a few days. You can buff on a little mineral makeup to cover these signs. It's key not to use active skincare post-treatment, such as prescription acne products, vitamin A creams or harsh scrubs for at two weeks; you don't' want to irritate your skin at all. Make sure you apply an SPF, even during winter – this is standard after all laser treatments.


Will one session be enough?

Fraxel re:fine will not completely stop skin ageing, however, it will slow it down. A course of three treatments a week apart will see the best results, and skin experts recommend yearly touch-ups to ensure maintaining those long-lasting results. Depending on your skin concern the amount of treatment may vary.


How much is Fraxel re:fine?

This is an investment in your skin, and while prices differ from clinic to clinic, getting the best results comes down to the skin expert and the quality of the machine she operates. Renowned for laser excellence, About Face has a 'Renew You' skin package plan that includes three Fraxel re:fine laser treatments and three Omnilux light therapies. For the month of June, 20 off, at $1920 (or 10 percent deposit then $41.53 per week on the easy payment plan). Also this month only enjoy a free skin consultation. These high tech treatments combined offer multiple benefits, learn more about Omnilux light therapies here

Consultation with a laser specialist is a prerequisite for Fraxel treatments. The $55 cost is charged but redeemable on treatments booked on the day.