Do you have happy skin?

Did you know your skin needs to be balanced to look its best? Editor Trudi Brewer shares the importance of keeping your skin calm - and at a pH of 5.5 in order to keep lines and wrinkles at bay. Find out why?

Image BeautyEQ

Image BeautyEQ

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It's not rocket science to learn that our skin needs to be balanced and calm to look its best. The pH level of the skin is key to complexion harmony, which unfortunately most of us struggle to maintain. Add the change of temperature to that equation, and your skin may be feeling tight and dry right now, which brings me to the topic of a pH-balanced skin. It's never up for discussion because frankly, it's not sexy. Finding the right foundation fit or a new sparkly highlighter is often more top of mind, (especially at the change of a season) however, if your skin is healthy and calm you will need less makeup for it glow. Luckily, there is a day in our calendar dedicated to the ph level of our skin. May 5 each year, is 5.5 day and time to consider the health of your skin, which coincides beautifully with World Health Organisation Hand Hygiene Day. Which, proves further that if our hands are clean, (and at a balanced pH of 5.5) this means fewer bugs, less irritation, and smoother skin is the result.

How to get your pH perfect

For a quick science lesson: The term “pH" is short for the Latin term “potentia hydrogenii” which in English means “hydrogen ion concentration”. One of the fastest ways to keep your skin's pH in check is to avoid using hand soap. Most soaps contain caustic and have a pH value of eight to 12, which once on your face will quickly destroy the acid mantle of the skin, and worse, cause irritation, dryness, and even allergies. A topic our health professionals take seriously, and there are 130 clinical studies to prove it. One that stands out was published in the British Journal of Dermatology by biochemist Greg Hillebrand. He revealed skin with a high alkaline (that’s a high pH balance) resulted in an increase of dryness and the look of fine lines and crow's feet around the eyes - while acidic skins, (with a pH balanced at 5.5) had fewer wrinkles. Although pH levels vary throughout your body, (blood is slightly alkaline with a pH 7.35, and your gut acidic with a pH 3.5), the skin should always hover at a pH of 5.5 to maintain its protective barrier, this keeps harmful nasties like bacteria, pollution, and UV rays out while trapping the good stuff like moisture and lipids (oils) in. A simple, fuss-free range such as Sebamed 5.5, will help, which BTW, this range will slot into your existing skincare easily, and each product costs under $25.

My favourites from the range

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