Moroccanoil Color Complete

If you colour your hair you need to get across the hydrating, protecting, and shine-enhancing benefits of this new hair care range from Moroccanoil says editor Trudi Brewer.

There is no better feeling than a vibrant new hair colour, and nothing worse than watching it fade weeks later. Famous for their argan oil-infused hair care, Moroccanoil is what's known in the salon circles as the hair healer. Their latest innovation is both clever and targeted, working to keep your hair colour and locks in top shape. Here's how it works

What is it

Moroccanoil Color Complete Collection is an in-salon service, a shampoo, conditioner, and protection spray for colour treated hair.

What's in it?

A common complaint with coloured hair is fading or for blondes, it’s when hair looks brassy a few weeks after a colour service. Often, the cause of these issues is out of our hands. The environment is a big reason your colour fades, UV rays and wind are not great for your locks. Heat styling and harsh water are also to blame. This new range from Moroccanoil uses a 360-degree approach to caring for your coloured hair. Here is a quick science lesson. First, it contains what the brand call COLORLINK™ technology. This new innovation is micro-encapsulated argan oil, that works in two ways. First, it helps to repair how the hair looks after the chemical colour process, by creating cross-links in the hair to rebuild the keratin structure, strengthen the outside layer of the hair which locks in your expensive colour. Next polymers in the formulation form a protective hydrophobic (repels water) shield over each strand of hair to prevent your colour washing out too quickly. And finally, the clever ArganID™, is positively charged micro-particles that work at the core of each strand to seal in moisture and repair hair over time.

What's in the range

A homecare collection of shampoo, conditioner and protect and prevent spray. As well as an in-salon service called ChromaTech. This service is done pre and post the colour service in-salon. First is ChromaTech PRIME. This is infused with a potent ArganID™ and is applied to the hair before it's coloured (and BTW your hair can be coloured with any hair colour brand). This helps to boost the colour deposit process so your colour looks vibrant and even. Next, to finish is a technology known as ChromaTech POST. This is used once your colour has been washed off to ensure the best results, long lasting shine and colour vibrancy, to make sure you leave the salon with your hair in top condition. One tip, when your hair is healthy it holds colour for longer, and requires less styling time.

Why do we like it?

If you have invested $300 plus in your hair colour then you need Moroccanoil Color Complete, sure the latest technology protects and prolongs the look of your colour - but for me, it's how it makes my hair look and feel. Think, shiny, smooth, supple hair, as opposed to dry, frizzy, brassy-looking hair often the result a month or so after an expensive colour service. Sounds good, right?

The home care range


Moroccanoil Colour Continue Shampoo, $57.

Use on wet hair, this low-pH shampoo is also low foam. Don't be tempted to use too much, to get it sudsy, massage into a richer lather, by adding more water. And make sure you leave it on the hair for a few minutes to get the benefits of the COLORLINK™, ArganID™ and a blend of nourishing ceramides 1, 3 and 6.

Moroccanoil Color Continue Shampoo

Moroccanoil Color Continue Conditioner

Moroccanoil Colour Continue Conditioner, $57.

Follow up with the conditioner after shampoo, make sure you blot the excess water from your locks before you apply it. This way it absorbs into the hair strands. It is thick and creamy and works in seconds to nourish the hair. I use only a little on the mid-lengths and ends of my hair (this is where my hair needs all the help it can get), and then massage the residue into the scalp. Don’t forget to rinse well.


Moroccanoil Colour Complete Protect & Prevent Spray, $59.

The star in the range (in my mind) this mist is your leave-in conditioner, colour protection spritz against fading and unwanted brassiness, and de-frizzing, hair strengthening spray all-in-one. I am addicted to it. It also offers a blend of antioxidants to protect the hair from UV rays, pollution and other environmental stressors. With the same line-up of clever technology (the entire range) it’s a shine booster in a bottle. Simply mist through the hair wet or dry (great for restyling hair between shampoos) and see the shine, and feel the softness.

Moroccanoil Color Complete Protect & Prevent Spray