3 reasons to try the power of three

There is one skin treatment I wish every woman could try, and that's the Power of Three facial says editor Trudi Brewer - here's what it can do for your skin.


Allow me to introduce you to a skin treatment that is next-level. Why? It blends traditional hands-on touch, with high-tech results to make your skin brighter, and firmer, skin that will be sporting a youthful glow.
Allow me to explain.

About Face - The Power of Three Facial


It brightens the skin

From the double cleanse, to the Omnilux light (or LED) light, the moment you slip under the duvet, prepare to be hooked on the results. You can choose from a customised peel or microdermabrasion to remove dead skin, followed by LED light therapy to rejuvenate and soften, and vitamin infusion (where a cocktail of skin-loving ingredients are pushed deep into the skin using a sonophoresis machine). The in-depth consultation helps your skin expert tailor the right products that will clean, buff, and nourish your complexion, all adding to the glow factor. In a world where fast and instant is the approach of many anti-ageing treatments, this is one facial that blends hands-on touch, and high tech results, giving it a unique edge over many standard facials around town right now.


It firms the skin

Under the healing power of a red glow known as Omnilux Light Therapy, if your skin was dry, it won't be for long. The boost in hydration is due to the collagen production that happens deep within the skin, where most products can not reach. There is a range of colours on offer red, (energising and rejuvenating) blue (clarifying an healing) and white or plus (collagen stimulating and wrinkle-reducing). Each colour targets concerns including dehydration, irritation, and breakouts, improving the texture and tone of your skin from the inside out.


It gives your skin it's glow back

A reputation of being bespoke - it's often called a couture facial, which is the perfect description of this skin service. I got invited to try the treatment, and now I am hooked. Not only by how relaxing it is, but how brightening and firming my skin feels post-treatment and for weeks afterwards. My favourite part of the entire facial is the vitamin infusion since I could see a visible difference in the contours of my face before and after. It's as if my cheeks were magically lifted, without the help from injectables - hand on heart; it truly does live up to its reputation of being the 'glow-giving facial'. Ideal for every woman (because it's tailored to your skin's needs) of any age, before a special occasion or to give your skin a boost before summer. It's fit for a celebrity - and a busy working mum, you will not be disappointed in the visible results - I promise.

During October and November, a course of three Power of Three Facial treatments costs $599, instead of the usual price of $777.