Meet the brains behind natural skincare brand Velettà

Vegan, cruelty-free with Halal-certified ingredients, the latest range of natural skincare not only cares, but it also smells heavenly too. Editor Trudi Brewer chats with the founder to discover why she traded in a successful career as a lawyer to create luxurious natural skincare.

Image Velettà 

Image Velettà 


Velettà founder Sarah Bacon loves skincare. In fact, you could say she is obsessed with products that offer a healthy glow to the complexion. Today, former Wellington-based lawyer is pretty chuffed to be a skincare creator. Her quest was to make skincare any woman could use at home: "Products that deliver visible results without using unnatural chemicals or unnecessary fillers." Here's how and why Velettà was created.

Valettà natural skincare founder Sarah Bacon
Skincare should be a veil, shielding the skin from harm.
— Velettà founder Sarah Bacon.

Where does the name Velettà come from?
I thought the word looked and sounded beautiful, and then I discovered in Italian Velettà means veil, which confirmed that it was the perfect name. Skincare should be a veil, shielding the skin from harm.

Who is your customer?
Velettà is for every woman. I decided from the outset that it should be natural, vegan, halal-certified and cruelty-free so that all women can feel sure that using this skincare won’t compromise their beliefs in any way. Women today have jobs, manage households and care for others. Having a daily, luxurious ritual involving beautiful skincare is about self-care and putting yourself first, even if it's only for ten minutes each day. Every woman could do with a little luxury in their life.

How has your career changed starting a skincare brand?
Clients and the courts dictate a lawyer's work. Generally, lawyers work on other people’s projects rather than their own. I didn’t want to work on other people’s ideas any more, I wanted to build something for myself.

The range of Velettà skincare and founder Sarah Bacon.

What has been the most positive change for you becoming a #girlboss?
I love not being accountable for my time, no more timesheets for me! And, although it's very early days, I am enjoying being able to decide how the brand will develop and make sure it stays true to its ethos.

When should you use the products?
I think skincare should bookend your day. Help energise and beautify your skin in the morning, and then it should cleanse, nourish and repair at night.

Will there be other products in the range?
I am working on two new masks, an AHA (alpha hydroxy acid) treatment and an overnight hydrating mask. I am a big fan of AHA’s. AHA skincare can be extremely effective, and relatively gentle if made and used correctly. Also, “leave on” masks that work while you're sleeping are genius.

The four products in the Velettà range

Velettà skincare

Velettà Cleansing Oil, $90; Velettà Rejuvenating Oil, $120; Velettà Nourishing Moisturiser, $100; and Velettà Purifying Mask, $80. All four products can be purchased for $390.

Velettà is available exclusively online.