Clarins SOS Mask

There are a plethora of face masks on beauty counters right now and one brand has three to choose from. Editor Trudi Brewer reviews that latest SOS Masks from Clarins.

Three different Clarins SOS masks lined up next to each other. A yellow, green and blue one with their relative coloured backgrounds behind them 

I have been known to go to bed wearing nothing but a face mask – and for good reason! It's a great way to give your skin an instant pick-me-up with the benefits healing plant extracts and ultra-rich oils offer. The latest trio of face masks is from Clarins. For dry, dehydrated or problematic complexions, here's how the latest SOS Mask range works.

What's in it?
Hydrating – Clarins SOS Mask Hydra: The brand calls this a "moisturising bath for thirsty skin" and it's all due to a plant extract is known as the 'life plant' or 'air plant' called kalanchoe pinnata. With incredible regenerating properties, it grows in Madagascar and has the ability to reproduce and regenerate during a drought. So in a skin care formulation, it boosts moisture levels – fast.
Balancing – Clarins SOS Mask PureAcne-prone, blemished skin will love the willow herb that is packed into this mask. It soothes redness and helps reduce shine by curbing oil production. Mattifying and soothing, it's a great weekly treatment for helping to correct breakouts. 
Soothing – Clarins SOS Mask ComfortThe wild mango butter melts into dry skin instantly, soothing any redness and the tight feeling associated with dehydrated skin. I love the scent and the nourishing boost it delivers in just one application.  
How should they be applied?
Layer the mask onto clean skin, make sure you avoid the eye area. Leave for 10 minutes before rinsing it off in cool water.
What do we think?
The selection of plant extracts to target skin concerns is bang on. The packaging is fun and colourful and these masks are a wonderful way to give your skin an extra boost of nourishment or much need exfoliation. You'll be wowed by the results.