The curtain fringe

Tapered, eyebrow-gracing fringes are back and not just because I am sporting one right now - says editor Trudi Brewer the latest is easy to maintain of super youthful. New Zealand hairdresser of the year gives us the rundown on the latest hair trend - the curtain fringe.

Blonde model with curtain fringe and black dress

From full to side sweeping, choppy or dead straight - a well-cut fringe can be your best asset. This season the bang of the moment is known as the curtain fringe. Graduating down to the cheekbones, it is cut into an upside down V shape, stylist Danny Pato from d&m Hair Design in Auckland explains how to wear one. 

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It's the most searched hair look on Instagram right, the curtain fringe is winter's hottest hair look. Textured and loose with a 70s vibe, worn with a defined center or side part, this style fringe works well with gradual layers, in short, or long locks - framing the face, it draws attention to the eyes and brows. When it comes to styling, hair mousse is your friend when styling a long fringe. It adds body and smoothness to your style. Make sure you have a paddle brush or hot brush to remove any kinks from your fringe when heat styling, and always treat your hair once a week to a nourishing hair mask. According to Auckland’s hairdresser of the year Danny Pato from d&m Hair Design, "Fringes are associated with youth and youthfulness. Not just because they make you look youthful, (for those of us that aren’t quite so youthful anymore), a fringe works wonders for hiding forehead lines, saving on Botox."  He adds: "The most amazing thing about a fringe is that it can completely transform your look without changing anything else."


Fringes are always on trend, what is the latest fringe look?
Fringes are amazing regardless of the trend – what’s more important is face shape. Saying that though, curtain fringes seem more popular than ever at the moment.
What is a ‘curtain fringe’ as opposed to a ‘regular fringe'?

Think about Brigitte Bardot in the 70s, and for the modern look today Alexa Chung. The curtain fringe style is where your hair parts in the middle and sweeps down gradually either side of your face to rest on your cheekbones.
What fringe styles work best with round faces, square faces, and oval face shapes?
Fringes easily balance your natural face shape. However, if your face is round, you can elongate it by wearing a long, grown-out fringe. For those with sharp features, or a square face shape, soften the edges with a long, layered fringe. Oval face shapes, define your look with a blunt, thick fringe finishing at the eyebrows.
How often does a fringe need trimming?

It all depends on the style, your fringe and how fast your hair grows. If it’s a short, manicured peek-a-boo fringe, you’ll probably need it trimmed every two to three weeks. Long sweeping or curtain fringes might only need to be trimmed every four weeks.
Any tips on how to trim your own fringe, without stuffing up the cut?

I’ve seen too many kitchen-scissor disasters in my day to recommend cutting it yourself.
How do you style a fringe to keep it looking on point?

For those with curly hair apply a frizz-fighting leave-in product to damp hair, and then let it air dry try Davines OI All In One Milk, $38. Longer fringes can be blow dried with a paddle brush and finished with a mineral spray such as Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $69. Blunt fringes need to be dry, so blast dry with heat directing the brush forward, and then finish with a dry shampoo such as Davines Hair Refresher, $31. If you wear your fringe to the side, dry with a round brush, curling the fringe backward and finishing with a light hairspray such as Oribe Apres Beach & Shine Spray, $72.
Who are the celebrities rocking the best looking fringes right now?
So many, Bella Hadid, Jessica Biel, Alexa Chung, Ariana Grande, Selena Gomes, Rihanna and Emma Stone.
Favourite styling products?
Dry shampoo is your fringe’s best friend! I recommend Davines Hair Refresher, $31 because it doesn’t have a powdery residue like others can, and it smells clean and fresh.

Styling products to keep a curtain fringe looking on point

Davines OI All In One Milk, $38. Oribe Dry Texturizing Spray, $69. Davines Hair Refresher, $31. Tangle Teezer Blow Drying Brush, $39.

Last word from Pato?
Pato warns fringes are a commitment, so expect your styling time to increase. Regular trims are also a must - however, with the latest curtain fringe look, you can sweep it to one side if it gets a bit too long (between salon visits). Finally fringes don't have to be forever, and the curtain fringe is easy to grow out. Pato says "Because the curtain fringe is cut with a feathered technique, they're easier to grow out than thicker, shorter fringes."