Frenchie & Co, Takapuna Auckland.

There is a new boutique salon in Takapuna that offers much more than a cut and colour as editor Trudi Brewer discovers.

Where is it? 
We are always on the hunt for boutique beauty bars that offer a luxe environment, relevant services and excellent stylists. Enter Frenchie & Co in Takapuna. The little sister of Frenchie & Co in Browns Bay Auckland. Where a haircut or colour, wax or shellac mani, is at your service. 

What's on offer?
You can even treat yourself to a set of exquisite KissKill or Queen of the Foxes lingerie at this concept salon that prides itself on making you feel like a princess. The brainchild of owner Brodie Proykova, who started her beauty career at Strip Wax Bar in London. On returning to NZ, she was side tracked into the corporate world of e-commerce and found herself becoming one of those busy women who never had time for the important things in life - like her kids, relaxation and 'me time'. "I always wanted to create this type of beauty business where women can feel special, whether it's booking in for a deluxe hair treatment, girls day out, or simply routine beauty maintenance such as waxing. And the destination in mind needed to be inviting and luxurious, where they could relax and feel number one," says Proykova. And like most working mums the idea of Frenchie & Co was on hold for some time - but earlier this year that dream was made a reality, and now with two salons under her belt, Proykova is scouting for a third. And the name? "There is no deep story behind it, I had a short list that I photoshopped the logo on shop windows to see which name looked best, and Frenchie & Co was it." The shelves are lined with Davines hair product, Kester Black nail lacquer, and one of our favourite summer essentials Coola Sunscreen. But best of all they are open on Sundays.

Why do we like it?
If you're over being passed around from stylist to stylist in a factory-style salon, having three people administer your colour service, cut and blow dry, Frenchie & Co may be a welcome change. You will be made to feel special, and in our frantic touch-less world, where we all suffer from 'rushing women's syndrome' this is a beauty sanctuary where you will relax, feel pampered and emerge a prettier, happier version of yourself.