Lulu and her skincare range Timebomb

Just an hour in the company of rock and roll 60's legend Lulu, and you want to know the secret to her youthful-looking glow. Editor Trudi Brewer discovers her mantra on looking good, at 67 and the skincare she swears by.

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In New Zealand for a series of concerts, singer Lulu was also on a trip down under to launch her skincare line, Timebomb. A range of anti-ageing creams and cocktails that have been a roaring success in the UK and the US since launching nine years ago. She shares the philosophy behind the range, her favourite products and why she believes, "Less is more with makeup, as you get older but when it comes to skincare, more is more." 

How did you end up creating a skincare line?

Both Gail Federici (the brains behind John Frieda Frizz Ease and Color WOW a magnet powder that cleverly conceals grey regrowth) and hairdresser John Frieda are friends of mine. And I was always bemoaning the fact I could not find a skincare line or products that would do it all for my skin. Some got close, but I felt there was always room for improvement, so we got together and created Timebomb, smart products, with top quality ingredients that met my skin's needs.

What was on your wish list when it came to the formulations?

Hard-working, skincare that addresses ageing concerns. A cleanser should do more than simply clean your face, it should take off dead skin cells, so your skin can appear dewy and fresh-looking. A moisturiser should hydrate and firm, but also help create an even skin tone. And, eye cream you can wear under or over makeup. Products today need to be multi-purpose, simple to use and above all - effective. 

How did you come up with the name?

We were talking about what this range, what it would and could do for skin. And the word ''Time' came up, it relates to stopping the clock and slowing down the ageing process. And the word 'Bomb' a reference to just giving skin an immediate hit, or bombarding it with goodness, getting ingredients to skin fast - so it was named 'Timebomb'.

What are your desert island products in the range?

That's tricky; I am greedy when it comes to my skincare. I can't choose just one. As you age maintenance is a bitch, looking good gets harder and harder, so I guess if I have to choose, it would be three, which also happen to have the ones with a cult following and they are also our top-sellers.  

1. Glory Days 4-in-1 Daily Moisturiser, $70. Because it does more than just hydrate skin, it brightens, with soft focus, light reflecting mica particles, it tightens with borage oil and is a primer for under makeup as well.  

2. Collagen Bomb Essential Skin Fuel, $90. Collagen makes up 70 percent of your skin in your twenties and thirties; it's what keeps it firm. As you get older your skin stops producing it, so you need something that will help to replenish that. Also the texture of this cream is so lightweight it's absorbs immediatley. 

3. Take Off Time Cleansing Cream, $38 We have added tiny professional grade micro magnesium crystals, which make a huge difference. They lift off the dead cells and reveal new, fresh-looking skin. I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to get rid of that drab layer of dead skin.

What are complexion shots?

They are shots for the skin. Not a serum or toner (I don't use a toner or make a toner in the range) they are hard to explain really, they are simply a vitamin shot for skin, and there are three. Complexion Cocktail with a Shot of B12, is designed to treat tired skin. Complexion Cocktail with a Shot Chlorophyll, is a detox for skin, from the sun, smoking, and late nights, all of which cause breakout, clogged pores or dry patches. And Complexion Cocktail with a Shot H2Omega, this is designed for a crinkled complexion that needs rehydrating. It almost works overnight to reload skin with energy. You just press these into cocktails into cleansed skin in the morning, and then follow with moisturiser. Complexion Cocktails, $50.


What is the one product you are most proud of?

I guess it would be the first product we made, The Youth Juice Secret Oil, $90. It took two years to perfect, to get the texture and smell right. I have had oily skin most of my life, and a beauty therapist told me in my teens to treat my oily skin with oil. So, I have always done that, hence the face oil in my range. It contains avocado, jojoba, olive oils, as well as vitamin E and C. When you press on, this oil doesn't lay on the surface of the skin, feeling greasy, it sinks in immediately. I always say it's the best oil for thirsty skin that needs a long drink. 

What is your best beauty tip?

It's never too early or too late to take care of your skin.

Timebomb skincare is available at selective stockists, phone 0508734466 for details.