Shaving Face

Don't panic - it's not as bad as it sounds and Sarah Simpson promises your skin will love you for it. 

Ever wondered why men seem to look younger than us as they age? Well, I might just be able to solve the mystery for you - it's partly due to the daily arduous task of shaving their faces. That's right - what to us looks like a male-only morning ritual is in actual fact also a heavy-hitting anti-ageing secret that I think you all need to be trying.

Before you conjure up images in your head of having to sneakily steal some of his shaving gel, relax, the female version doesn't require a face full of foam. 

The idea of face shaving isn't a new one, in fact, it's one that dates back to the Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor days who were both said to love shaving. 

And from researching the benefits, I can see why these movie starlets favoured it so much. Not only are you able to remove all of the fine vellus (the peach fuzz hair we have on our faces) hair on your face - which is great to get rid of - it also allows your skincare products to penetrate the skin more effectively and the actual act of running the gentle razor along your face works to slough off the outermost layer of skin giving it a very thorough exfoliation. This multi-benefit beauty ritual might just mean that threading or waxing your upper lip or chin might just become a thing of the past!

It is said that the softness of your skin after shaving is addictive and while you might be scared of a stubble regrowth, it's nowhere near as bad as where your imagination might take you to. You will find the hairs feel blunter when they grow back but they will not become thicker or darker as urban legends will have you believe. In my opinion, the benefits seem to be far outweighing any fear associated to this beauty trend which is quickly losing its stigma.

Rather than reaching for his multi-blade machinery, seek out a female variant from the internet which are simply a single blade that you are able to navigate around your face. Tinkle is a brand that international sites are raving about and can be purchased off Amazon for a song.

For those who would rather leave it to the professionals, there is a treatment that offers similar results but at a salon level and Dr. Catherine Stone from The Face Place is an expert in the field. "Microdermaplaning uses a surgical blade to thoroughly exfoliate and remove the soft hair from the face, giving the skin a beautiful, almost reflective finish," she says. And for those who are worried about pain, don't be - it doesn't hurt one bit. Expect skin irregularities to improve as well as give you a softer and smoother complexion. Although the time between treatments will differ from person to person, expect it to last for up to 2 months. Allow an hour and the cost is around $150. For more information visit: The Face Place 

Top tip: Unlike shaving your legs, when you shave the face, make sure you use very gentle pressure, and shave in the same direction of the hair growth, using small back and forth movements.