Burt's Bees Satin Lipstick

Natural, with a brilliant colour pay off. Editor Trudi Brewer shares a fab beauty buy, exclusively for your lips.

Image BeautyEQ

Image BeautyEQ

Burt’s Bees Satin Lipstick, $22

What is it?

A 100 percent, natural, lipstick that comes in 14 pretty colours.

What's in it?

It's more a case of what's not in it. Did you know we apply about nine kilos of lipstick in our lifetimes, and eat about two kilos of that, scary right? Well if that is of concern to you, green-beauty fans you will adore this formula. This bullet doesn't contain any nasties, but also 'doesn't compromise on the luxurious finish or the on-trend shade offering. With no parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, or petrolatum — just the base of moisturizing beeswax, laced with moringa, raspberry-seed oil, and vitamin E. Along, with those antioxidant-rich ingredients, the vibrant, long-lasting colour glides onto the lips, leaving a pretty satin-looking stain. And, the packaging complements the natural formula, and is made from recyclable plastic.

Why do we like it?

We're drawn to lipstick, first for its colour. And these winter-inspired shades including wines, a beautiful Bordeaux and soft ruby reds are divine. But what seals the deal is the finish. There is just enough pigment, so you don't have to use this lipstick with a liner, (which is excellent for anyone who wants to downsize their beauty bag), and the finish is so nourishing but long lasting. For anyone who doesn't want to keep reapplying lippy continually, this stays put on through your morning coffee and beyond. And did we mention the price? For $22 this stacks up against any other lipstick when it comes to high-quality pigment and luxurious texture.

Our favourite shades pictured above

Burt’s Bees Satin Lipstick in Blush Basin, $22. Burt’s Bees Satin Lipstick in Ruby Ripple, $22. Burt’s Bees Satin Lipstick in Scarlet Soaked, $22. Burt’s Bees Satin Lipstick in Sunset Cruise, $22.