Find your best light

Finally, a lighting solution designed to help you look your best - editor Trudi Brewer is in love with her new Hue.


What is it?

Signify is expanding its Hue lighting range to offer up an ingenious flattering, white light mirror known as Philips Hue Adore.

How does it work?

Ever done your makeup before work to then jump in the car thinking you look awesome, only to catch a glimpse of yourself in the reversion mirror to see that reflection staring back at you resembles (not properly blended) a clown? Yes, it has happened to the best of us, and it's not your skill in question, it's possibly the subpar lighting in your bathroom. Those days are over my friends - now there is a lighting and mirror solution all-in-one to help you avoid any beauty blunder.

How to use it?

It looks fancy and yes it is high-tech, a first for me, a well-lit mirror that with the flick of a switch, not only lights up your face, it illuminates the room in white light. The brand says: 'Recreate the salon experience in your own home with finely tuned bright, white light for beard trimming (that would be for your hubby) or applying makeup.' So for a day makeup look, glowy, date night makeup, or dramatic cocktail party look, you can alter the setting using the dimmer switch or use the Philips Hue app - told you it was high tech.

Why do we like it?

My makeup is seamless, thanks to my secret weapon - Hue Adore White. It offers precision lighting to nail the most flattering makeup look, or peaceful ambiance in the bathroom, (almost like candlelight) for those nights you need a long, hot, relaxing soak. If you find yourself crammed up near a window, or going outside to check your makeup before you leave the house, it may be time to invest in your reflection with this uber-helpful mirror that I promise will light up your life.

The Hue Adore bathroom range contains three different luminaries: Hue White ambiance Adore Bathroom Lighted mirror: $420, Hue White ambiance Adore Bathroom ceiling light: $330 and Hue White ambiance Adore Bathroom mirror light: $280.