Shiseido Controlled Chaos Ink Mascara

For volume, thickness and a shot of intense colour (which is what we are most excited by) Shiseido's new mascara aptly named Controlled Chaos Ink is a showstopper. Editor Trudi Brewer shares this latest makeup innovation.

Shiseido Controlled Chaos Ink Mascara

There is no shortage of beauty inspiration online, and our latest favourites include iridescent highlighters, sunset shadow shades, and rainbow lashes. Coloured mascara is enjoying a resurgence, in the most glorious electric shades once your smallest assets are loaded with colour, it's the fastest way to refresh your makeup look. According to James Boehmer, global director of artistry for Shiseido this latest addition to the Inks makeup collection was inspired by busy city living. “We explored the juxtaposition that exists between the vibrant energy of Tokyo and the order that the Japanese people are able to maintain amidst the chaos.” Here are a rainbow of shades you must try.

What it is?

Three new hues, including Emerald Rush, Sapphire Spark, Flashing Violet, and a classic, Black Bolt make up this new collection of bold, buildable, volume-enhancing mascara.

How does it work?

It's all thanks to a unique brush design and ultra bright pigments. Known as 'memory flex bristles' they are scallop-shaped, which helps each bristle load the lashes with colour helping to create a fanned-out finish in minutes. The brush design features two concave bristles that boost volume, while the two flat sides to the bristle comb and separate the lashes. Finally, the ink formulation contains a blend of hard and soft wax, as well as polymers that wrap around the lashes sealing in the highly pigmented colour and preventing, smudging, clumping, and flaking.

Our best application tip?

Starting at the base of the lashes, we use the ‘zig-zag technique’. Make sure the flat side of the brush is placed at the root of the lashes, and then wiggle back and forth to load the lashes with colour. The curved side of the brush helps to separate lashes as you build up volume, and the glossy formula allows you to layer on more than one coat.

Sapphire Spark

Shiseido Controlled Chaos Ink Mascara in Sapphire Spark, $60.
Your eyes will look wider, whiter and instantly more awake when dressed with this cobalt blue shade, (perhaps this is why this shade is my favourite from the collection). When wearing blue mascara keep the rest of your makeup in tones of bronze and gold, this makes the focal point of your makeup all about your sapphire soaked lashes.

Flashing Violet

Shiseido Controlled Chaos Ink Mascara in Flashing Violet, $60.

This luxurious shade also happens to be the "it" colour of the year according to Pantone. Blue-eyed babes this is the shade for you, and anyone with green or hazel coloured eyes, unlike any other hue violet will amp up the flexs of green and gold in your eye colour.

Emerald Rush

Shiseido Controlled Chaos Ink Mascara in Emerald Rush, $60.

If you want to stand out and not wear the same thing as everyone else, this hunter green mascara is your best bet. For a modern tone on tone effect to your makeup team this colour with shades of khaki and gold to complement brown, and hazel-coloured eyes.

Shiseido Controlled Chaos Ink Mascara in Black Bolt, $60.

To round off this new collection there is also a new bold black. With the same technology, sans the coloured pigments, you can expect glossy, full-looking lashes in one coat. Apply the black mascara as a base to the coloured shades, or for a more subtle look, use the coloured mascara to tip the ends of black lashes.

Shiseido Controlled Chaos Ink Mascara