How to get your feet fit for heels

Sandal season is rough on your feet. If you are noticing dry, cracked - keep reading to discover the expert pedicure hacks I try to live by - especially when showing off designer shoes, says editor Trudi Brewer.

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My feet look shocking, I have cracked heels and dry cuticles, they are not fit for my new Loeffler Randall sandals. So without feeling ashamed, here's how I have got my feet fit for heels.

Invest in a pedicure or visit a podiatrist

There is nothing better than treating yourself to a salon pedicure. The skin on the feet is 12 times thicker than that of the rest of the body, so it's hard work getting rid of dry cracked heels without enlisting the help of the professional. A podiatrist (depending on how rough your feet are looking) will tackle ingrown toenails, while a beauty therapist will trim cuticles and remove dry skin without causing harm. My favourite nail destination right now is Pop Beauty check their menu of services here

DIY home care

An in-salon pedicure, kicks starts your home maintenance, which once your feet look better maintaining that is easy. A weekly beauty duty, keep your feet looking their best by using a sugar-based scrub, applied to damp skin, and then following that with a buff from a pedi file. Don’t be overzealous with scrubbing, you don't want to remove healthy skin, aim to remove dry patches only, and then slather your feet with a nourishing foot balm. I swear by slathering on a rich cream and sleeping in cotton socks. Or apply cream and when you’re wearing sneakers for the day, this helps the nourishing ingredients penetrate, keeping your feet soft and supple.

Removing dry skin

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Hydrating dry skin

Always use a moisturiser specially designed for the feet, the skin on your feet is tough and needs a nourishing balm that will sink in fast and hydrate quickly. Also specific foot creams often contain AHA’s or fruit acids to help shed dry skin as they hydrate.

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Caring for your cuticles

Take the time to look after your cuticles, even if it’s just for a minute every day. Extend your body oil or lotion down to your feet, and massage the excess into your cuticles each morning. I keep a cuticle oil by my bed and massage it into my fingers and toes before I go to sleep, it's also a great way to make your pedicure last.

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