Chopard Happy Lemon Dulci and Happy Felicia Roses

You may know the famous Swiss jewellery brand Chopard, who makes exquisite timepieces, forever engagement rings, and Happy Diamonds. Well, they also make Happy fragrance that combines ethical luxury, inspired by natural ingredients. Editor Trudi Brewer shares a scent duo guaranteed to lift your mood.

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Image BeautyEQ


While most perfume helps to wake up your senses, not many target happiness and joy like Chopard Happy Lemon Dulci and Chopard Happy Felicia Roses, both of these summer-inspired scents are the work of Chopard's co-president and artistic director Caroline Scheufele and renowned perfumer Dora Baghriche-Arnaud. Together they sourced the globe for the most precious flowers, fruit, spices, and wood essences to create colognes that energize and boost your mood - perfume to make you smile. The result; two scents best described by Scheufele herself, “A collection that is all about pleasure, colour, and the joy of life."

Some shots from our recent Fashion in the Vines event where Chopard made our guests smile.

Here’s why we like this uplifting duo of scents

Chopard Happy Lemon Dulci, 40ml, $99.


If you like the scent of lemon, then this energetic, tangy scent should be on your wish list. The blend of tart lemon, bergamot, orange flower, and tangerine, all know as 'natures antidepressants,' will do the job to lift your mood in seconds. Bottled in bright yellow, the colour of the sun, a hue that signifies happiness, is topped with an emerald green lid. This crisp citrus mix, when blended with ginger, shiso leaves, mint, sweet mango, and cucumber, smells like the most exotic summer cocktail ever, and we think if that isn't enough to give you that feeling of joie de vivre - nothing will. 

Chopard Happy Felicia Roses, $99.


Less tangy, but also light-hearted, the sister scent to Lemon Dulci is all about creating positive vibes. A blend of sun-ripened berries, rose, pink grapefruit, and spicy blackcurrant buds are mixed with musky geranium and heady ylang-ylang. The bottle is the perfect purple to complement this pretty rose-based cologne, a shade known to calm the senses, to ease anxiety and stress. While this fragrance offers a relaxing influence on your day; the rosy, powdery scent will also make you smile.

Find out how perfumer Dora Baghriche created the Happy Chopard fragrances from natural ingredients.