Do you want fuller-looking hair?

Every woman wants full, healthy-looking, shiny hair. Editor Trudi Brewer shares all you need to know about getting your locks to look thick and lustrous this summer.

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Your hair is a reflection of your health. Just so you know, healthy hair sheds about 100 to 150 hairs a day naturally, with that, comes growth. You can expect to see about a half-inch of hair growth per month of growth. But as you get older, that rate of growth slows, and your hair can start to thin. Throw hormones and pregnancy in the mix, and thinning locks can be an extremely frustrating issue. From trying to turn hair loss around to pumping up the volume, here are four helpful tips to help.


Eat well

Your hair is affected by what you eat. And for the avocado fans among us, that is good news. A diet full of healthy fats such as olive oil, salmon, and nuts, and avocados help boost shine and fullness. While our genetics determine the texture of our hair (curl, or poker straight, fine or coarse), our diet plays a role in how our genes affect the quality of our hair, which means how it looks and feels.


Use shampoo to boost fullness

Different hair types need different styling products and to give your hair a natural boost it all starts with shampoo. For those with fine hair use volume-enhancing products that boost thickness and shine. For those with coarse hair, opt for tame frizz taming, hydrating formulations. When it comes to conditioner make sure you apply it to the mid-lengths and ends only, massaging it into the scalp can make your hair limp.

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Don't over-wash your hair

Too much washing can stop your hair from looking shiny. There's nothing better for shine-enhancing than your hair’s natural oils. Help distribute the natural oils by gently brushing your hair regularly and shampoo your hair every second day to rinse away product build-up and to maintain a healthy scalp.  


Look after your scalp like you do your skin

If your scalp is compromised, your hair will look limp and flat. Keeping a healthy balance of moisture and natural oils on the scalp is just as important as looking after your complexion. Massaging your scalp when you shampoo your hair helps to activate the blood flow and keeps your scalp healthy. Or use a gentle brush each day to boost the production of natural oils to the scalp. Be careful not to rely on dry shampoo instead of washing your hair, as it can build up a layer on your scalp that can clog hair follicles, preventing new healthy hair from growing.

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