The best cold sore hacks

If you suffer from cold sores and have tried everything including apple cider vinegar, Manuka honey, and an ice compress then keep reading. Editor Trudi Brewer shares her beauty hacks that work.

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When it comes to cold sores, prevention is the best cure, and we swear by treating the body from the inside out. Here’s how to keep your skin cold sore free this winter.


Nothing beats the supplement L-lysine (1000 mg a day) teamed with a lysine-infused lip balm. That and boosting the arginine (an amino acid) levels in your body with the food you eat will also help. Found in peanuts, almonds, and chicken this is what to eat to help reduce cold sores from popping up. Zinc supplements also help to boost your immune system and fight off bacteria and any nasty viruses (most of us are low in zinc) lurking around this winter.

Cold sore hacks

Another tried and true cold sore prevention tip, (one a good friend swears by) is using a coconut oil compress on the sore, or a warm, a cool green tea bag. Place it between your teeth, and the cold sore and both will soothe the pain and irritation while aiding in speeding up the healing process.

Cold sore hacks

Use this clever layering technique. Start with Virasolve cold sore cream, and then hide redness with a neutralising green stick concealer. Feather it out, so the edges blend seamlessly into the skin, you don't want the green visible on the skin. Next, apply a little foundation or regular concealer, and a light dusting of loose powder to ensure makeup doesn't move throughout the day.

Cold sore hacks

When covering cold sores, use disposable eyeshadow applicators, rather than cotton buds as the little bits of cotton can stick to the open sore on the skin. Also, don't use your regular makeup brushes while covering a cold sore, you want to minimise the risk of spreading the virus.

Cold sore hacks

Here’s our pick of supplements and products to arm yourself while you are treating and covering an annoying cold sores.

GO Healthy GO Cold-Sore Support, 60 capsules $27. Virasolve Cold Sore Cream, $21. 
GO Healthy GO Zinc Complex 60 capsules $30. Smashbox Colour Correcting Stick in Green, $43.