Are you a linen lover?

It’s the fabric of choice for travel and surviving summer. It’s also the latest trend in stores right now. Style director Louise Hilsz rounds up of the best linen to add to your wardrobe this season.


Gorman   Geo Linen culotte, $189.

Gorman Geo Linen culotte, $189.

Always hand wash or use the delicate cycle in the machine. Wash linen in mild detergent; such as Persil Delicates designed for silk and wool washing. Avoid using fabric softener, and never use bleach on linen clothing.
— Lousie Hilsz

Ruby Naia linen short, $189. Taylor Obstacle pant, $467. Sir Marlee ruffled line skirt, $290. Verge Ruffle capri, $200.


Paris Georgia   Linen throw, $589.

Paris Georgia Linen throw, $589.

The way linen fibers are structured, overhandling can cause damage. When you hand wash, avoid wringing the fabric or twisting it. Linen is a fast drying fabric which makes it ideal for travel, however, it does tend to shrink when exposed to heat. Don’t put linen garments in a tumble dryer or drying out in direct sunlight. Air dry in the shade, lie flat on a towel or place them gently over a drying rack.
— Louise Hilsz

Masscob Holbox striped linen-blend dress, $460. Gaia OTS Fitted Midi Dress from Superette, $570. Nineteen46 Haven dress, $249. Apiece Apart Costa del Sol striped linen-blend wrap dress, $790.


Juliette Hogan   Alice blouse, $349.

Juliette Hogan Alice blouse, $349.

Linen looks good wrinkled that’s the nature of this fabric. If you want to press linen use a steamer or for the best results, press a linen garment out of the wash while it is still damp. For bright coloured or black linen clothes press inside out to avoid shiny patches and fading.
— Louise Hilsz

Camilla & Marc Benizar twist top, $420. Country Road Basketweave jacket, $349. Moochi Luck Sweat, $260. Lisa Marie Fernandez Pouf linen crop top, $575.