Shiseido's new brush collection

Just about every makeup product requires a brush. Editor Trudi Brewer shows off five new tools, every woman must have. 


Editor Trudi Brewer using Shiseido YANE HAKE, Precision Eye Brush, to apply both eyeliner and lipstick.

The latest collection to add cutting edge brush technology to their makeup lineup is Shiseido. Five new brushes complete the colour offering and all are modelled on the art of calligraphy. "In Japan, there is a city called Kumano, where many famous calligraphy artists go to practice the art of brush writing. These new brushes were created by the calligraphy masters from Kumano, who designed each brush to work with our new makeup textures," says Shiseido's global makeup artist Shinjo san. Those textures include Inks, powders, gels and dews (shimmer highlighters) using these unique, multi-purpose tools. He explains "Each brush offers the four qualities of calligraphy, sharpness, structure, resilience, and roundness. They fit perfectly in your hand for precision application, and are ideal for layering those different makeup textures onto the skin."
Here are the five brushes and Shinjo san's tips on how to master the art of a seamless finish to your makeup.  


The ultimate brush collection

Shiseido HASU FUDE Foundation Brush

Shiseido HASU FUDE, Foundation Brush, $65.

"The flat chiselled surface helps blend foundation evenly over the skin," says Shinjo san. "It was designed to help you buff on makeup from the back of the hand onto the face in a stippling motion. The densely packed bristles pick up the smallest amount of product and blend it onto the skin, evenly. The tapered tip is designed to fit perfectly into facial features, such as under the eye area and around the nose."

Shiseido DAIYA FUDE Face Duo

Shiseido DAIYA FUDE, Face Duo, $90.

Perhaps the most revolutionary is this double-ended brush with a silicone gel tip that mimics the effects of a finger makeup application. "It's ideal for concealing brown spots, used in a dabbing motion. For foundation or cream blusher, the silicone pad warms to the skin just like your fingertips. Use the flat top of the red, diamond-cut bristles to blend foundation, and the sides of the brush to buff in powder or blush."

Shiseido MARU FUDE Multi Face Brush

Shiseido MARU FUDE, Brush, $80.

Shinjo san says this is the brush you will reach for most days. "It's tapered, so the roundness of the bristles is ideal for subtle contouring. You can use this for applying powder blush, bronzer, and powder highlighters. It was designed to help you blend makeup effortlessly, regardless of your skill level."  

Shiseido YANE HAKE Precision Eye Brush

 Shiseido YANE HAKE, Precision Eye Brush, $41.

"For lining the eyes, hold the brush directly onto the lid and use the straight edge to trace a thin line of eyeliner close to the lashes. For lipstick application, load up the brush with colour, and then press the square edge of the brush onto the cupids bow, and trace the lip line downward, the flat square shape fills in the lips evenly. This shape gives the most precision lip and eyeliner application." 

Shiseido NANAME FUDE Multi Eye Brush

Shiseido NANAME FUDE, Multi Eye Brush, $48.

The shape of this brush fits perfectly into the eye socket and has been created to help blend, cream, powder, and gel makeup formulas together. "This is a very soft brush that picks up matte powder eyeshadow, and shimmer shadows quickly, blending away any hard edges to create a natural-looking result," says Shinjo san.