Avène Cicafiate

Winter plays havoc on skin, and mine is in disarray. From cracked lips, to dry cuticles as well as that sensitive feeling after cleansing. Here is a heavy hitting, skin saver that only costs $20. Editor Trudi Brewer shares why it's always in her beauty bag.


Avène Cicalfate Repair Cream $20 and Avène Eau Thermal Spring Water, $28. 


Avene Cicafiate

Thick in consistency, the hero ingredient in this rich protective cream is sucralfate that forms a barrier over the skin to lock in moisture and skin aggressors out. That, combined of copper and zinc sulfate and the base to all the Avène products thermal spring water, wipes out any possibility of infection, healing skin irritations fast. For $20 dollars we had to share the virtues of Cicalfate, it's a life saver. For healing spots, grazes, insect bites, cracked heels and cuticles, in fact, any skin issue, (it even helped heal an oven burn on my hand), it's what we call a brilliant beauty buy.
Finally, the Avène Thermal Spring Water, can be used with this cream or alone, and if you suffer from eczema or extremely dry, irritated skin, this duo works wonders within weeks.
All Avène products are preservative, paraben, fragrance and alcohol-free.