Pro:Voke Liquid Blonde Colour Care Shampoo and Conditioner

Behind every beautiful blonde hair colour is an army of skilled stylists and great products.
Here's the latest brilliant beauty buy that corrects and conditions while adding a honey-coloured tint. By editor Trudi Brewer.

Image BeautyEQ

Image BeautyEQ


Being a blonde is an expensive business. The colour and tone of your hair need constant maintenance - which is why we were stoked when we found this, clever beauty buy while cruising our local supermarket. Here's how it works.

PRO:VOKE Liquid Blonde Colour Care Shampoo, $15 and PRO:VOKE Liquid Blonde Colour Care Conditioner, $15.

What is it?
A new haircare line from PRO:VOKE the makers of cult brand Touch of Silver, also designed to give blonde hair a new lease on life, comes this cleansing and conditioning duo, designed to stop your honey blonde colour from fading. 
How do you use it?
Between regular washes, it will cleanse the hair, remove product build-up and boost the blonde by correcting the brassy look hair takes on a few weeks after lightening.   
How does it work?
Pale yellow in colour, the shampoo contains gentle surfactants, safe detangling and anti-static ingredients and shine enhancing honey-coloured pigments that preserve the blonde tones in your hair. While ultra hydrating (blonde hair is crying our for nourishment, due to the lightening process) the conditioner is almost as lightweight as the shampoo. For colour-treated, porous,  limp locks this is a game-changer.  
Why do we like it?
This range is nothing short of a miracle worker. In one single wash, it will enhance the tone and depth of any honey or caramel blonde colour, leaving your hair feeling full and lustrous.
And the scent is divine, subtle in its scent, think honey with a dash of sweet almond.

PRO:VOKE Gloss Intensifying Conditioner

PRO:VOKE Liquid Blonde Gloss Intensifying Conditioner, $13.

If your hair is dry and frazzled, this colour correcting gloss is loaded with Tamanu oil, to repair damage and offer brilliant shine. While the colour correcting pigments boost the tone of caramel, honey or golden blonde hair.

Thinking of going blonde?
Here's a checklist to consider before you take the plunge.

Consider your skin tone and eye colour?
There are dozens of blonde tones but ultimately the best hue for you is one that works with your eye colour and skin tone. If you're considering going lighter this is a job for a professional colourist. Trawl Pinterest for inspiration and share these with your stylist. This is a great starting point for your hairdresser to understand what blonde tone you like, and if in fact, it will suit you.
If the end result suits your skin tone your blonde will instantly complement your look.  

Consider your hair texture and style?
Have your hair cut first. That way the blonde colour can be created to suit the cut. The best blonde shade is one that flatters your face, having a style cut into your hair first, allows a stylist to map out where they should place the new colour.
Consider your budget?

Being blonde is a commitment in time and money. Consider your budget and be aware that lightning is the most time consuming and costly salon service. Be prepared to make regular salon visits and invest in colour treatment products.

Consider your wardrobe and makeup?
A change of colour is often followed by a new wardrobe and makeup collection. Going lighter, you may need to tweak the colours you wear, from lipstick to your fashion, also don't forget the tone of your eyebrows and foundation shade.