8 hair hacks to live by

From cuts to curls, frizz-fighting and the benefits of dry conditioner? Your hair is worth investing in says editor Trudi Brewer. Here are the hair hacks she swears by. 

Editor Trudi Brewer shares her best hair hacks with Melanie Homer on TV3's The Cafè.

 Customise your cut

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For a complete change or just your usual six weekly trim, your haircut will make or break your style. Chat with your stylist about your skill level, and be honest about the tools and products you use at home before you commit to a cut. Let them create the best cut for you that you will be able to manage at home.
Anyone with fine hair will be thrilled to hear that this winter a blunt, retro-inspired bob is back. Baby bangs (or the micro fringe) is also having a moment, and if you are trying to grow some length back into your style? This season that in-between shoulder length cut, parted deep to one side and styled with glossy curls is bang on trend.

Learn how to fight frizz

How to style frizzy hair

Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment, $32.

Apply to damp hair and allow this cream to work its magic. From smoothing frizz and taming fly aways to preventing spilt ends. Protecting your locks from punishing heat styling and helping to keep knots at bay - it coves off 11 hair hassles - hence the clever name.


Fighting frizz can be a full-time job - and the reason your hair is looking fluffy is due to the lack of moisture in your locks. When your hair is dry it sucks moisture from the air and absorbs it, which is why your hair starts to look frizzy. Invest in a hydrating frizz-fighting cream or serum, layer it into the hair when it's wet, before heat styling.  

Eleven Miracle Hair Treatment

Invest in good tools

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Tangle Teezer Round Blow Styling Tool, $44.


Brushing your hair helps to polish it. Good brushes control frizz and smooth curl, which means your blow dry will last longer. The range of Tangle Teezer brushes offer options including a round brush, for blow drying your hair smooth, ideal for creating volume in mid-length hair. Wet brushes for detangling, and general grooming stylers for the kids. There is no risk of tangles or tears with these brushes, they remove knots on any hair type including, ultra-fine. 

Treat your hair like your skin

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Image Instagram

Kevin Murphy Retouch.Me, $50.

Kevin Murphy Retouch.me, comes in four shades from a rich glossy black to a natural-looking auburn, brown and a mid-blonde. The blend of tonal pigments and a polymer help tint and adhere to the hair, while vitamin E, orange and tangerine peel oil help to nourish - just like foundations do for the skin.


Mix it up when it comes to the hair products you use, just like you would with your skincare routine. This clever colour correcting spray helps conceal grey roots and regrowth in seconds. Spritz into the roots where you need to conceal grey or regrowth and massage in with your fingertips and this clever, coloured tint stays put until you shampoo your hair. 

Kevin Murphy Retouch.Me Spray

Bring back styling mousse

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Big in the 80's, styling foam or mousse is making a comeback, and here's why. Today's formulas have dramatically improved, no more crispy, crunchy finish in the hair, the latest launches are weightless, and frizz-taming and offer amazing hold when heat styling.
Use a palm-full of this styling mousse in damp hair, the addition of nourishing argan oil allows you to either air dry or use a diffuser and heat style your locks. The result: tousled-looking wave that is easy to achieve in straight or naturally curly hair.


Moroccanoil Beach Wave Mousse,$50.

 Dry Shampoo is your BFF


Schwarzkopf Fresh It Up Dry Shampoo, $14.

Our cheeky beauty buy, this new dry shampoo adds volume while refreshing your style. Spritz into dry hair, wait a few seconds for it to dry and massage it in with your fingers.


Dry shampoo refreshes and adds volume between washes and it's so easy to use. Simply section and lift the hair, spraying teh dry shampoo at the roots, on the scalp, along the hairline only. Wait a few minutes for it to dry, and then brush it from the hair so there is no visible white residue.  

Schwarzkopf Fresh it Up Dry Shampoo

Embrace dry conditioner

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System Professional Instant Energy Dry Conditioner, $63.


If you like the results you get with dry shampoo, you will love the benefits of a dry conditioner. It's designed to nourish, and revive the hair without weighing it down. It 's a moisture hit for dry fluffy ends, as well as adding instant shine. This new offering from System Professional restores that feeling of a fresh blow dry, in one spritz. Simply spray onto the mid-lengths and ends of dry hair, to add instant nourishment and softness.

Hairspray is your new BFF    


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KMS HAIRSTAY Firm Finishing Hairspray, $33.


Like mousse, hairspray has had a bad rap over the years. But no longer is it loaded with alcohol leaving hair feeling stiff or sticky. New improved formulas allow you to achieve amazing hold in your style, with soft movement. Quick-drying with great hold, KMS Finishing Spray supports your style and brushes from the hair without leaving residue.  

KMS Hairspray Firm Finishing Hairspray