8 ways to weatherproof your hair

Winter weather doesn’t only determine your wardrobe choices, it controls how your hair is going to look. Editor Trudi Brewer shares her top styling tips and new product innovation so you can rock a good hair day - every day.


For smoothing frizz, controlling static and nourishing dry ends, here is the ultimate hair product guide for winter weather.

Work with your hair texture, not against it

De-Lorenzo Prescriptive Solutions Revive Moisture Repair 125ml.

Dr Lorenzo Prescriptive Solutions Moisture Repair, $25.

A leave-in rich moisturising cream, boasting Australian wattle seed extract desert lime and Kakadu plum that can be used in damp hair to prep before styling or in dry hair as a smoothing, finishing cream. 

Take care of your wet hair

Tangle Teezer Wet Detangling hairbrush

Tangle Teezer Wet Detangling Hairbrush, $24.

Combing wet hair encourages split ends, which results in frizz. The latest addition to the Tangle Teezer line up has 325 unique teeth that smooth knots and distribute hair products though wet hair gently and swiftly.

Invest in a weekly hair mask

Davines The Circle Chronicles The Quick Fix hair Mask

Davines The Circle Chronicles, $20.

Five new hair masks designed to give your hair instant shine, moisture, and strength. THE QUICK FIX CIRCLE, pictured here is enriched with hyaluronic acid and natural red clay, this is the ideal weekly hair treatment for any girl who wants results fast.


Beat static and control frizz with dry shampoo

Colab Dry Shampoo Extreme Volume

Colab Dry Shampoo Extreme Volume, $10.

Instantly boosts volume in flat hair, helps to keep our hair fresh between shampoos and leaves no tell-tale white residue. You don't have to use dry shampoo only when your hair is dirty, it's great for boosting volume in flat hair also.

Smooth, split ends

Moroccanoil Mending Infusion repair serum

Moroccanoil Mending Infusion Repair, $72.

Celebrating 10 years we think this could Moroccanoil's finest product yet. This serum you can use on dry or damp hair locks in the benefits of argan oil (the base to all the Moroccanoil products) and seals split ends at the same time. The formula contains a carbohydrate extract from sugar (polysaccharide), to seal the ends of the hair, baobab tree extracts to increases hair elasticity and strength. And hydrolyzed quinoa, rich in amino acids. Dry damaged hair is given a new lease on life.

Eat your way to strong strands

Biotin 1000 mg vitamin B7

Biotin tablets, $21.

Ideal for boosting hair growth and fullness, vitamin B7 is known as a superfood for creating strong, healthy hair. Water-soluble, it helps the body absorb essential vitamins from your food it's also found in foods such as barley, egg yolks, milk, royal jelly, avocado, soy milk, broccoli, fish, nuts, and spinach.


Nourish coloured hair

Provoke Liquid Blonde

ProVoke Liquid Blonde Color Infusion Shampoo, $15.

To give blonde hair a golden glow this winter with this pigment-rich shampoo. Not only does it help to nourish dry hair, it also prolongs the vibrancy of your honey-coloured hair between salon visits. In-stores or @beautygarage.co.nz June 10.


Switch to a setting spray

Goldwell Kerasilk

Goldwell Kerasilk Forming Shape Spray, $40.

For styling, all hair lengths, the hydrolyzed silk and keratin protein offers hydration and hold so you get weightless movement in any style.