Colab Dry Shampoo

It's the work horse in your beauty routine, dry shampoo is one product that women who like to cut 'grooming corners' would never be without. Editor Trudi Brewer shares her favourite brand.

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Co-founder, model and blogger Ruth Crilly and now British girl band Little Mix are the faces behind the clever COLAB Dry Shampoo.

What is it?
Dry shampoo that adds volume and lift in one quick spritz, and does not leave any white residue in the hair.
How does it work?
The clever formula is known as 'Sheer + Invisible' that leaves no whiteness in the hair at all, and no gritty, chalky residue that often stays behind after brushing.
How to use it?
Spray onto dry hair, underneath the top layers of the hair, concentrating on the front, and the sides of the hair. Once dry, massage the dry spray into the roots and style your hair as normal.
What do we like it?
This dry shampoo has been in our bathroom for almost two years. It cleans and refreshes (should have been washed) hair, extends your style and plumps up lifeless strands, adding volume to give that back-combed effect, without the tangles. But best of all, it leaves no chalky feeling, and no white residue. The entire team at BEQ are dry shampoo devotees, and we try just about every can that launches. And we agree that that white residue on the roots is a deal breaker. For fine locks, between shampoo's, or when you are caught short at the gym for $10 you need a least three cans of this spray at arms reach.

The new collection of Colab Dry Shampoo, $10 is available in seven new scents including Candy Fragrance, Exotic Fragrance, Fruity Fragrance, Good Vibes Fragrance, Paradise Fragrance, Tropical Fragrance and Extreme Volume. Available online here and at selected Countdown supermarkets.

Ruth Crilly, beauty blogger and a founder of Colab dry shampoo spent a day in the studio with British girl brand Little Mix shooting their latest campaign! Here's a behind the scenes with Ruth Crilly.