Moroccanoil celebrates 10 years

Celebrating a decade in hair healing, beauty brand Moroccanoil has just turned 10. Editor Trudi Brewer talks hair trends, and the latest styling hacks, while taking a moment to remember how good argan oil is for your hair.

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Moroccanoil Limited Edition Swarovski Adorned Treatment, $150 USD.

Violet Sainsbury and editor Trudi Brewer.

Violet Sainsbury and editor Trudi Brewer.

Moroccanoil the brand is all about hair health first, which is why all our products have that base of argan oil. 
— Violet Sainsbury

Every woman knows the glass turquoise bottle of hair oil that smells divine and eliminates frizz. Made from pure argan oil, Moroccanoil is in most well-coiffured women's bathrooms, and for a good reason. Not only does it instantly smooth and condition the hair, but it also adds unrivalled shine. On this auspicious occasion, we talk to some of the key people behind the brand and find out why these products have such a cult following.

Turning 10

Q& A Carmen Tal, CEO and co-Founder of Moroccanoil.
What has changed over the past decade?

We began with our signature Moroccanoil Treatment, a revolutionary product that pioneered an all-new oil-infused haircare category and singlehandedly created a worldwide buzz around argan oil. We have grown into an iconic brand, in less than a decade. Today, we are a lifestyle beauty brand offering a luxurious oil-infused experience from head to toe, and we are now available in 70 countries. I’m also extremely proud of the lives we have been able to touch with our 'INSPIRED BY WOMEN' initiative. We hope we have inspired and empowered countless women around the world to make their dreams a reality.  
How will you mark this auspicious occasion during the year ahead?
We are celebrating our first ten years of innovation throughout 2018. We will be expanding our education initiatives, giving our loyal salons a broader platform to showcase their amazing work. And while I cannot reveal everything, we have some exciting initiatives on the agenda.

On trends

Q&A stylist and international account manager Violet Sainsbury.
You see global hair trends emerging every day in your role, what are you most excited by?

Fringes. We always see the return of the fringe in winter, and this year I am so into them. Regarding styling, you will continue to see the natural-looking texture, styles that give hair that ‘lived in’ looking vibe. 

What about colour trends, what's hot for winter?
Hair colour typically goes a little deeper in winter. Brunettes a little more luxurious, think dark chocolate and blondes via toward the ‘bronde’ (brown, blonde tones). If you’re a bit more experimental, try a warmer golden copper tone in blonde hair (like mine right now).  

What does the new Mending Fusion (that I am obsessed with already) do?
It's a real game-changer in holistic hair health. It locks the benefits of the Moroccanoil treatment (argan oil) into each strand while sealing split ends and preventing further damage.  

What's in it?
The ingredients include a carbohydrate extract from sugar (polysaccharide) that mends and strengthens split ends, baobab tree extract found in Madagascar increases hair elasticity and strength. And hydrolysed quinoa, which is rich in amino acids, that once blended with argan oil gives damaged hair a new lease on life.  

And the new Perfect Defense?
It's the best heat protector, for a couple of reasons. It has no additional styling agents, like the majority of similar products available. It's weightless, and will not interfere with your regular hair styling routine. It heat protects up to 230 degrees on all hair types from fine hair, unruly hair and thick unmanageable hair.  

Violet's picks

Moroccanoil Perfect Defense, $72. Moroccanoil Mending Infusion, $72. Moroccanoil Treatment Oil, $67. Morraccanoil Dry Texture Spray, $53.

Who can use these new products?
My definition of a good hair product is one that anyone can use. These two new products fall into that category. Regardless of your natural texture or styling preference, if you apply heat to style our hair or if your hair is longer than a few inches, you need both of these products in your life.  

What's your best styling tip for both?
Apply Moroccanoil Perfect Defense, to towel dried hair before any heat or other product is applied. Once it’s in your hair, it keeps heat protecting until you wash it out. The Moroccanoil Mending Infusion is best used to finish your style after heat styling. Use it to define any texture or to add polish to a sleek, straight style.  

Moroccanoil has built a brand around argan oil, why is it so good for the hair?
Loaded with nourishing properties like vitamin E and essential fatty acids it treats and improves hair texture, but it also has natural protective qualities as well. Moroccanoil the brand is all about hair health first, which is why all our products have that base of argan oil.  

What's your favourite Moroccanoil product and why?
I always find this hard. I can't pick one, so can I choose two? I can't manage my hair without the Moroccanoil Treatment, but as a hairstylist, I love Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray.  

Trudi's picks

Moroccanoil Mending Infusion, $72. Moroccanoil Weightless Mask, $60. Moroccanoil Ceramic Brush, large, $50 and Moroccanoil Treatment Light, from $34.

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