Calvin Klein Eternity

Do you remember what fragrance you wore back in the 80s? Editor Trudi Brewer takes a trip down memory lane to discover a classic that is about to make a comeback.

Eternity gold coloured fragrance bottle on a pair of blue jeans with a floral print on them. Black Leather jacket underneath the blue jeans with the eternity gold coloured fragrance on the jacket with a hardwood floor showing 

The 80s was the decade of conspicuous consumerism and excess, but when Calvin Klein ETERNITY burst onto the fragrance scene it struck a different note. Its unapologetically clean, fresh scent kick-started an obsession with green florals, which for many women has stood the test of time. The year was 1988 and His and Her's ETERNITY became a household name. Just in case you have forgotten them, we look back at this classic scent and share some exciting news from the Calvin Klein fragrance family.

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Editor Trudi Brewer shares her ETERNITY story

Clear fragrance bottle showing light green liquid and black label eternity for men Calvin Klein

When I met my now husband, he was wearing jeans, a blue linen shirt and ETERNITY for Men. I guess for that reason alone I love this fragrance. Twenty years later, that man is the father of my two sons and he still wears ETERNITY. I recently asked him why. He said it's because "It's masculine but not too overpowering and I guess it reminds me of us." Everyone has a scent memory and while these 30-year-old fragrances might be considered 'vintage', they are still relevant today. Calvin Klein believes the man who wears this scent is romantic and dedicated to the basic values of family, work, health and happiness, "A man at ease with himself, in his relationships and with his world."
What's in it?
Unchanged from its launch, mandarin, sage and herbs such as galbanum, basil and geranium, sit perfectly in a base of lavender moss, cedarwood and amber. All these ingredients have crept back into fashion; add a great pair of Levis and a white T-shirt and this is possibly why this decades-old scent still engages today.

Clear fragrance bottle showing light green liquid and black type with Eternity for woman Calvin Klein

ETERNITY for Women.
This fragrance was designed to help you find love and in my case, it worked. I too wore ETERNITY back when I met the man I eventually married. This and later the unisex CK One (another timeless cologne from Calvin Klein, which we shared) were two of my go-to scents that I wore for decades. While ETERNITY may have slipped from my top 10, I still have fond memories of this charming floral; and like all good fashion, fragrance trends are cyclical, so if you keep something long enough it always comes back in style.
What's in it?
Also unchanged from the original formula, the same mandarin note contained in the men's version is joined by bergamot, carnation, white lily and white rose. Base notes of violet leaves, amber and sandalwood bestow a gentle powderiness and musky edge.
Why do we like them?
The ETERNITY fragrance duo was ahead of its time back when it launched. It spoke to a new generation of men and women who were not afraid to stand out in a crowd. A blast from my fragrance past, refamiliarising myself with these scents has made me appreciate how in our Instagram-worthy, newness-obsessed world, you can't beat the classics. 

Light blue transparent bottle with silver spray cap with Eternity Air Calvin Klein

Coming soon

The past 30 years has seen many reincarnations of the original ETERNITY scents and this year ETERNITY AIR enters the fold. 
The women's fragrance (left) is a fruity floral – bang on trend right now. First up is grapefruit oil, blackcurrant absolute and what will set it this scent apart from the crowd: 'sky of the sky' accord. Peony, cedarwood oil, ambergris and skin musk also feature. ETERNITY AIR for Men (right) is classed as a fougère in fragrance terms (a sharp, woody scent) and features mandarin and juniper berry oils in addition to the same sky of the sky accord for added freshness and purity. Lavender oil, green apple, violet leaves and a base of patchouli oil, sea moss and ambergris complete the olfactory picture. Both fragrances launch New Zealand May 25.

Ocean blue coloured fragrance bottle with silver cap and lettering Eternity for Men Air Calvin Klein