Have you heard of the Dash Diet Plan

The team at BeautyEQ has tried almost every diet known to woman. Boosting our intake of good fats, going sugar-free, intermittent fasting, counting calories and the fads like Paelo and the Mediterranian-based diet. The latest, which we were doing by default anyway is now a thing. Editor Trudi Brewer shares the most recent healthy eating plan - the Dash Diet.

A range of vegetables such as onions, garlic, squash, some coriander and seeds laid out on a white background with against a long cloth 

We're the first to try any new diet, but we are also not great believers in long-term dieting. When you're feeling deprived of nourishment, you become obsessed with food and often gain the weight you lost and some. However, this latest eating plan the Dash Diet makes so much sense. The goal is simple: keep your body (especially your heart) as healthy as you can.

What is the DASH diet?
The term DASH stands for 'Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension'. This diet was developed by the American National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, and is designed to keep your heart in tip-top shape. It's not overly complicated, no weighing of food, or counting calories and no meal replacements, it's all about eating a diet full of wholesome, nutritious foods.
It's simple and delicious and focuses on reducing your salt intake and boosting the amount of fruit and veggies you eat. Cramming your diet with whole grains, fish, poultry, beans, nuts, and vegetable oils. Limiting saturated fat, fatty meats, full-fat dairy, and tropical oils like palm kernel oil, palm oil, and coconut oil. You also need to restrict refined sugar, carb and sweet fizzy drinks.
What can you expect?
This eating plan is based on research that works to reduce high blood pressure, improve cholesterol levels, and decrease your risk of heart disease. And winter is the perfect time to give it a try, think hearty veggie soups, lean grilled protein and tofu, and if you want a healthy, sweet treat try our favourite n'ice cream recipe, that's so simple.
Blend a frozen banana with a teaspoon of unsweetened cocoa powder. It has the texture of ice cream with zero refined sugar.
From depriving yourself of food, to feeling satisfied on the dash diet, this way of eating is all about making smart, wholesome, healthy choices - common sense really.

Dash is one way to get healthy and shed a few extra kilos, here's where we got our Dash Diet inspiration for meal ideas, Dash Diet Cookbook and diet tips The Dash Diet Weightloss Solution.