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After a new mascara? Editor Trudi Brewer shares the latest lash lifting, lengthening wonder wands on TV3's The Cafe here.

here's what's hot in mascara technology?

Beauty brands are upping their game when it comes to mascara innovation. From aero particles loaned from the space industry, to wax polymers, and flexible wands that lift and curl. Editor Trudi Brewer reveals six mascara's on TV3's The Cafe that do it all.

Black Benefit BAD Gal BANG! Volumizing Mascara opened up with lid sitting next to bottle

Benefit BAD Gal BANG! Volumizing Mascara, $45.
Blowing up on Instagram, the latest mascara from beauty brand Benefit offers amazing lift and 36-hour wear. With 'space technology' apparently, the addition of aero particles in this formula make it lightweight yet heavy hitting where volume is concerned. The slimline wand also allows for complete lash coverage from the roots to the tips.

Black  The Balm  Mad Lash Mascara opened up with lid sitting next to bottle

The Balm Mad Lash Mascara, $40.
The curved comb wand bends and flexes, helping to create volume and length with one coat. Take advantage of the plastic moulded wand to really get this mascara close to the roots for application. Simply wriggle it up through the length of your lashes to get the best coverage, and then apply two coats. 

Black Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara

Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara, $27.
The only time you can have 2000 calories all at once and not feel guilty is when you use this extra glossy mascara. Expect volume that helps create dramatic-looking lashes, thanks to the liquid crystals in a wax-in-water emulsion. And the flexible, wire brush has well spaced bristles that allow you to build up volume from the roots to tips in seconds. Available in Black, Black Brown, and also Waterproof options.

Gold, Double sided  Mecca Max  Eye Max Power Couple Mascara with brushes lined up next to bottle

Mecca Max Eye Max Power Couple Mascara, $42.

The brand says the ink-black, formulation gives full-on dramatic lashes when you use the skinny brush for defined separation, and the fat brush for full-on volume and curl. We love this dual-brush concept for catching the smallest of lashes, and coating them with a clump-free mascara that looks natural, yet well groomed.

By Terry  Lash Expert Brush Mascara inside blue bottle

By Terry Lash Expert Brush Mascara, $54.

Dial up the coverage you want with a nifty twist system at the bottom of this wand. This two-step customised wand delivers length, twisting one way, and then thickness when you twist in the opposite direction. This ingenious spiral brush drenches your lashes with black pigment and natural protective oils - it's brilliant.

Bobbi Brown  Eye-Opening Mascara. Open black bottle sitting next to lid standing up right

Bobbi Brown Eye-Opening Mascara, $62.

Perfect for a special occasion the big fat brush on this wand delivers stunning fanned-out, dramatically curled lashes, thanks to the creamy, black formulation. For thick, curled and instantly lifted lashes, this wonder wand covers all the bases when it comes to grooming your smallest assets. It's no wonder it's called 'Eye-Opening', the effects last all day.