Keratin Complex Permanent Blow Out smoothing treatment

The downside of natural curl is frizz, add humidity to that mix and your have a recipe for a bad hair day. Editor Trudi Brewer put her hand up for a keratin hair smoothing treatment that promised to calm her thick, unruly wave in one hour. 

Morgan & Morgan in Takapuna, Auckland.

Morgan & Morgan in Takapuna, Auckland.


How does it work?
The Keratin Complex Express Blowout at Morgan & Morgan The Hair Collective is a one hour, in-salon treatment service that infuses each strand of hair with keratin, the very protein that your hair is made from.  
What's in it?
K-Juice, the company claim this is a mix of keratin, amino acids and plant botanicals such as aloe vera, lemongrass, chamomile and willow bark. What's not in it is the nasty chemicals (namely formaldehyde the embalming agent) that have been used in the past with Keratin hair treatments that cause side effects such as burning, itching and dizziness. 
What can you expect?
Like all good hair treatments, it starts with a consultation. The questions go like this, how do you like to wear your hair most days? Do you like the curl? Do you experience frizz? Does your hair ever feel heavy? It may sound over the top, but once the stylist knows how you manage your hair, it's a great indicator of how this service can benefit your style. After a double wash with a cleansing shampoo to remove product buildup from your hair and scalp, the keratin concoction is applied, section by section with a brush onto damp hair. This is done at the basin (a teat at this salon thanks to the lie-flat bed basins that support your neck and massage your body, while you relax). The next step is blow-drying the solution into the hair, which is followed by straightening with heated styling irons - and that is the service complete. The one thing I would say is to be prepared for dead straight hair, (see my before and after photo above). While it feels amazing, it is flat post-treatment. A novelty for me that if felt so silky smooth, however, I don't think I would want hair that straight permanently. Luckily the body returns albeit not as full after you shampoo the hair post-treatment. Fast and effective would best describe this one-hour Express Blown Out, which less time consuming than other straightening or smoothing treatments, there's no waiting three days for the keratin to cure before you can wash your hair, with this service you can shampoo the same evening as the  appointment - I washed my hair the next day.
It is a great solution to the dilemma of trying to manage frizzy hair in summer, Jennifer Morgan from M@ Collective believe's "Anyone who struggles to grow fine hair past a certain length, will see amazing benefits in the strength of their hair (and therefore ability to grow) with this mega-treatment."
Why do we like it?
It certainly calmed my frizzy, unruly locks, and has reduced the volume of my hair which is out-of-control in the100 percent humidity of an Auckland summer. And did I mention how easy it is to style my hair every day? No more sore arms trying to blow dry out the wave,  I now finger dry, and then smooth the fringe with a round brush. Apparently, these results last for 12 weeks - one month on and it's still smooth. 
Keratin Complex Blow Out, costs $125 - $280 depending on hair length, allow an hour for this service.

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