Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant and Daily Superfoliant

While skincare experts run hot and cold on the virtues of exfoliation, according to beauty director Sarah Simpson it is still one of the best  things you can do for your skin. Here she shares a unique offering from one of her favourite brands.

A couple of Dermalogica skin care products in white bottles sitting on a white white surface against a light pink wall and next to a pot plant

If you're not yet on the exfoliation wagon, we suggest you jump right onto it. While it seemed to go in and out of fashion, we've noticed a resurgence in this important beauty step. With its ability to gently buff your skin, to remove dead skin cells allowing for a fresh complexion to be revealed, it allows for your skincare to penetrate faster and deeper helping those expensive serums to work their magic more effectively.
For being one of the most gentle and effective, is this a duo to try. 


Dermalogica daily microfoliant in a white and grey bottle

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant, $102.

If brightening is your skin gaol, then this is the easiest choice to make. Ultra-fine, this rice-based formula contains papain (papaya enzyme), salicylic acid and rice enzymes work to give your skin a micro exfoliation. This is the perfect choice for tackling uneven skin tone and pigmentation patches. Activated with water, this powder will leave your skin feeling as soft as a babies bottom.

How to use it?

After cleansing the skin, sprinkle half a teaspoon into very wet hands, and massage into a paste between you palms. Apply to your face, neck and décolletage in circular motions, or team it with a cleansing tool such as Cutisonic.

Who can use it?

For an exfoliating novice, this gentle powder is a great addition to any beauty routine. It is gentle enough to use daily or every second day and ideal for a more sensitive skin.

Dermalogica daily superfoliant in a white and grey bottle

Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant, $109.

For those who are also after some anti-ageing benefits as well as an exfoliation, this powder not only works to buff skin like the original, but also contains ingredients such as activated binchotan charcoal (which draws imprities from the skin), niacinamide (vitamin B3), red algae and tara fruit, which help to protect against the damaging effects of pollution.

How to use it?

Half a teaspoon of this powder makes the same exfoliating paste once massaged into very wet hands. Apply in circular movements, remember to avoid the eye area. The team at BeautyEQ team this with a cleansing tool such as Cutisonic.

Who can use it?

For anyone with ageing skin concerns, pigmentation, or an uneven sun damaged texture to their skin, the anti-ageing ingredients in this exfoliating powder address those concerns while buffing skin at the same time.