Beauty oils to use this summer

Beauty oils get a bad rap for being heavy, pore-clogging, and messy in summer, but we adore them. Here's why. Editor Trudi Brewer shares her favourite, lightweight oils to slather on your face and body when the temperature starts to rise.

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Lightweight oils not only nourish the skin they are perfect for anyone who suffers from oily skin or breakout. Why I hear you ask? Plant-based oils have a natural affinity with your skin, protecting its barrier locking moisture in and irritants out. They also help balance your own natural oil production, some contain antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, and some even help in the fight against breakouts and blackheads. During the summer months when the moisture in the air is denser, a face and body oil will help keep your skin looking and feeling it’s best. Here’s are some of my favourites.


Clarins Santal Treatment Oil

Clarins Santal Treatment Oil, $65.

It's hard not to love this heavenly-scented face oil. Famous for its rich hazelnut oil base, the blend of sandalwood, cardamom, and lavender help soothe dry skin and correcting redness. Press it onto the skin first thing and before you go to bed at night.

Clinique Smart Smoothing Treatment Oil,

Clinique Smart Smoothing Treatment Oil, $71.

If your skin is dry, this oil will correct dehydration in seconds thanks to the potent blend of hyaluronic acid, safflower, sesame, sunflower, and cranberry seed oils. It also contains extracts of clary, barley, and wheat, and argan oil. Finally, the addition of cucumber extract makes it ideal for anyone who suffers from skin sensitivities in summer

Lancôme Absolue Precious OIl

Lancôme Absolue Precious OIl, $364.

Stacked with luxurious rose essential oil and fruit and vegetable oils such as jojoba seed oil, corn, carrot passiflora, rosemary and apricot kernel, and orange and lemon peel oils and calming lavender oil to name a few this oil is so addictive. A single drop is all you need to give the skin on your face and neck a radiant-looking glow.


SWISSE Argan Face OIl, $21

SWISSE Argan Face OIl, $20.99.

A base of certified organic Argan oil, grapefruit, and orange peel oils, palmarosa, and rose geranium oil it's rich in vitamin E and those skin loving omega 3 6 and 9. It's a lightweight texture ideal for using on the face and decollete under makeup.Not only does it offer antioxidant protection it balances breakout, soothes any redness and fights the effects of those damaging UV rays after a day out in the sun.

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant +

Trilogy Rosehip Oil Antioxidant +, $42.99.

The rosehip not only nourishes the skin it's packed with tomato extract known as lycopene that offers free radical protection against sun and environmental damage. This oil is brilliant pressed under sunscreen as a back up to the effects of sun exposure. Travel-friendly it’s a great oil to take with you on your summer holiday.

THE ORDINARY 100% organic cold-pressed Moroccan Argan Oil

THE ORDINARY 100% Organic cold-pressed Moroccan Argan Oil, $19.40.

Huge fans of The Ordinary skincare line, we are thrilled a select range is now available at Life Pharmacy, and one of our favourites is this fast absorbing, ultra-hydrating organic Argan oil. Ideal the face, body and hair it’s a brilliant all-in-one for travel.


Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tanning Dry-Oil

Bondi Sands Liquid Gold Self Tanning Dry Oil, $24.99.

Zero smell, other than delicious tropical coconut, this tinted oil leaves a hint of bronze shimmer as the guide colour the moment you apply it. The dry to touch texture means you can dress straight after applying it, and the hydrating effects continue as the golden bronze tan develops over an hour or so.

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Nutritive Oil SPF50

La Roche-Posay Anthelios Nutritive Oil SPF50, $39.99.

We like a body oil loaded with sunscreen for the beach. This nourishing spritz is lightweight, fragrance-free, and absorbs in seconds. Less messy to apply than sunscreen lotions and creams, and ideal for those hard to reach spots like behind the knees and the middle of the back. It keeps the skin well hydrated in the heat, and the SPF50 UVA and UVB protection seals the deal for us.


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream All-Over Miracle Oil, $62.

A cocktail of lightweight oils including Tsubaki, (Japanese camellia flower oil), grapeseed, olive, avocado and sunflower seed packed in a convenient spray bottle. This oil heals any summer skin aliment - it's the one to keep in your beach bag for any beauty emergency.