Pro:Voke Touch of Silver

Blonde hair, highlights and even naturally white hair is high maintenance. That's because light hair is one of the hardest colours to stay true-to-shade. However, a touch of silver or violet in your daily cleansing and conditioning routine helps balance the changes the environment throws at your coloured hair. This problem is all in the lightening process that takes place when hair is coloured bleaching, or lightening hair removes any natural colour, necessary for it to look lighter, however, then it's at risk of looking dry and frizzy, which is why it needs specialised care. Before you commit to wearing light locks, you need to make sure you take care of your colour with a colour-enhancing shampoo and conditioner. Here's our latest crush.

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver, for blonde, platinum or white hair in purple and silver bottles laid out on an open magazine

Pro:Voke Touch of Silver, for blonde, platinum or white hair.


Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Brightening Shampoo, $15

 Pro:Voke Touch of Silver Colour Care Conditioner, $13.

What is it? 
A violet-based shampoo and conditioner that protects hair from fading and brightens your colour in one wash. 
What's in it?
The optical brighteners in both the shampoo and conditioner formulation correct yellowing that overtime is the reason light hair appear brassy. Expect shine, thanks to the nourishing sunflower seed extract and is packed with UV absorbers that prevent the sun from yellowing or damaging your hair, which is also why your colour tends to fade. 
Why do we like it?
Being blonde is costly and requires maintenance, and both the shampoo and condition are so well priced, for products that provide hair with an instant cool overtone, correct yellowing and leave your hair looking shiny. We are hooked on this colour-enhancing duo.
How to use it?
We use it twice a week to prevent blonde locks fading and turning yellow and to add the much-needed hydration, which helps prevents frizz over summer.