Nano Lip Contouring

For anyone wanting a well-defined lip border and a flush of permanent colour, editor Trudi Brewer reveals the most natural lip tattoo on offer.

What is it?
Lash Noir Ink Nano Lip Contour, semi permanent cosmetic lip tattooing.
How does it work?
The treatment kicks off with a consultation and a consent form that explains the process and any complications. Next, comes the heavy duty numbing cream applied to the lips and lip border with a cotton tip. This cream takes 10-15 minutes to kick in, and hand-on-heart you will not feel a thing. It's now that the fun starts. The colour selection and outline shape is key to the success of this treatment, I went for a natural beige pink and a line that sits within my natural lip line.
What's involved?
A lip liner is used to draw a guideline so that ink specialist Rebecca Hutchinson co-owner of Lash Noir and Lash Noir Ink can follow the line when tattooing. Once the border is complete, the tattoo needle is changed, and a feathering needle is used to blend the ink out onto the lip area. This is to ensure the colour is even and looks natural (and that you are not left with a nasty-looking coloured ring around the lip border). It's fast, so efficient and the results are instant. I wanted this treatment to define my lip border and allow me to just wear a clear gloss if I wanted. Once the numbing cream wore off, my lips felt a little wind burnt but I followed the after care advice using generous amounts of the natural lip balm, which is supplied and really helps heal the lips fast.  
Why do we like it? 
It has ticked all the boxes for me; I don't have to wear lipstick, it's clear gloss all the way, so no bleeding lip liner for me. It's made my lips appear fuller and the border is naturally defined. You can wear colour over this treatment, which I have done and the chosen hue of your lipstick or gloss does not change. This treatment is ideal for anyone who wants to correct thin lips, achieve a soft flush of colour or craves the appearance of a fuller, more defined lip line.
Treatment tips.
After the initial treatment, you can lose up to 80 percent of the colour from lips through the skins natural repair process. So you need to return for a top-up treatment, which lasts for up to two years before you will need to get the colour freshened. Post treatment avoid any spicy food, kissing and wearing lipstick for five days.

Lash Noir Ink Nano Lip contouring costs $490 for two sessions. 
To book visit Lash Noir Ink City Works Depot, Auckland.