Beauty news - PRP for brows?

If big, bushy brows are on your beauty wish list, then this latest treatment trend will be of interest. Editor Trudi Brewer shares how it works.

Zoomed in image of a female models face with beautiful eyebrows 

From bold arches to a long, strong-looking tail, there's only so much a pencil, powder and pomade can do to enhance the hair in your brows. The latest trend sweeping New York city is PRP for brow hair growth. Traditionally PRP (platelet-rich plasma) was used to promote healing in joints from sporting injuries, then it was the heal-all in skin rejuvenation, naturally correcting the look of ageing, crepey-looking textured skin. However, it has also been used to stimulate hair growth on the scalp, so why not the brows? 
For a quick biology lesson: PRP is when the platelets from your blood are extracted, spun in a centrifuge, and then injected back into the skin to boost collagen production. According to New York-based dermatologists, it can also help promote bushy, runway-ready brows - bring it on we say. Once we find a clinic offering this service here in New Zealand, we will update you.
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