Meet the owner of fashion brand Federation Clothing

Founder and owner of the fashion brand Federation Clothing, Jenny Joblin is the perfect example of a woman who has it all. Editor Trudi Brewer goes backstage to visit her gorgeous North Shore family home in Auckland.

We all know a Jenny Joblin, that woman who seems to have it all and manages life and business with ease. However, this Jenny Joblin knows what it's like to live with stress, juggle three kids and work while having time to help other women reach their goals. Discover her secret to staying at the top of her game.

What’s a typical working day for you?
We have eight staff that I work with, so touching base with them in the workroom on projects, reports and plans are how I start the day. Each day involves problem-solving and random things that come up. I enjoy helping get our stock out and working in the store.  But primarily I focus on the next season designs.

What do you love most about your career?
That I still love what I do. I am never bored, and I feel blessed I have had this outlet as an expression of my creativity.  

How did you cope with the challenges in your career?
Challenges will constantly arise. Depending on what they are, my motto is to bite away at the problem, a little at a time. Surround yourself with good people and seek professional advice when you need it. Staying as positive as possible and remembering that you are not always going to be in this challenge - it will pass, helps.

 What advice would you share with other women in business?
I have learnt to embrace the differences we have as women in business, and respect the differences and different approaches each of us has. I belong to a women's business group called Company of Women which I enjoy.

What advice would you give other busy working mothers?
Try and enjoy work when you are at work and focus on being a mum when you're with the kids. Don't beat yourself up for the things that are just not possible with juggling both. My advice is to get as much help as is realistic. If there are things you can delegate, do it - it's okay.  I love having a cleaner.  

How has your career influenced your style?
I think my style has influenced my career; I love that mix of pretty and tough as a fashion look. However, where my career has influenced my style is allowing me to dress casually at work, which is ideal.   

What has been your career high to date?
My first art exhibition last year. Something I have always wanted to do, and it was cool to see my neon light collection in the store that grew from having that exhibition.  

Where do you get your design inspiration?
At Federation, our favourite cuts are the starting point. I play around with some of my art to inspire an idea for the collection.  

Joblin's Neon artwork available at Federation, Ryder's girly bedroom.

How would your describe your home? 
A mix of old and new.  A bit of rough combined with some sleek.  I guess a room like our lounge which has black leather couches, a tan skin sheepskin, an old wooden library card unit, my mums navy chest and snow globes in one space represents the eclectic look I enjoy.  
What do you always have on your bedside table?

A few books on the go that I rarely finish. Cards from the kids and photos.  

What is your favourite room?
My daughter Ryder's room. I love her resin unicorn head and all the girliness to be found in that space.  
What are your most treasured possessions?
The antique table that was passed down to the oldest daughter in the family, for five generations - and now it is mine.  

Where do you draw the inspiration for your art?
My paintings start with a thought or some words that make me smile. Or a mix of colour or textures I want to put together that I feel inspired by, it's a process.  

How long does it take to create a piece?
It varies with how much time I can put into it and what else is going on.  I try and do a series at a time of three or four, and that usually takes around three weeks.  Although some are half finished, pieces are often an ongoing project.
What is your most treasured piece of art? 
I have a framed image of Monte that we used as a federation print that I love! 

The living area, framed image of Monte, Joblin's art and her collectables.

Who is your fashion icon?

I would have to say my fashion icon is my husband, Ben Dundas. I love how he thinks in outfits and how he puts them together and how he customises his pieces.  
Who are your favourite international fashion designers?
I love the move Gucci made appointing Alessandro Michele as their designer.  Love what he is doing with the brand.  

What is your fashion weakness?
Shoes. Chuck Taylors for comfort. And amazing, uncomfortable heels that I never wear.  

What does beauty mean to you?
I believe beauty starts on the inside and shows on the outside. It is more about who you are and how you carry yourself than specific features.  

What is your one beauty indulgence?
Getting my nails done, which feels indulgent for the amount of time it takes every couple of weeks.  

What's always in your beauty bag?
An assortment of MAC Mineralize Foundation lipstick, lip liner and lipglass glosses. Chanel Multi-Effect Quadra Eyeshadow and Tom Ford Black Orchid Eau de Parfum fragrance.

Joblins makeup must haves, her bathroom, wedding rings and bedroom.

What is your wellness philosophy?
Be aware of how you treat yourself, be as kind as possible with the business life can bring.  Try and nourish yourself, and do things that make you smile as much as you can. Enjoy things in moderation; I am not opposed to eating a burger or having a glass of wine fairly often. 
How to you stay balanced and happy?
I think the balance battle is real. I am not sure that being a mum and working makes it possible to find this idea of perfect work/life balance.  It's better just to take each day as it comes and make sure you try and catch all the balls you are juggling the best way you can. We are all way to connected to work. I try putting my phone away when I am spending quality time with my partner and kids that my rule.  

Where is your favourite wellness destination?
I've only been to Bali once, but I loved it. I fancy that as a wellness destination. But the reality is taking a couple of hours out to go to a movie is the closest thing I will have in the foreseeable future.