Environ Focus Care Youth+ Avance Elixir

Spa-based skincare has kicked up a notch with what it can do to improve the look of ageing skin. One pioneer at the forefront of this new innovation is Dr. Des Fernades creator of the Environ skincare range. He shares how this multi-benefit serum-like elixir works with editor Trudi Brewer

Environ beauty products in white and pink bottle placed in front of a white toiletries bag surrounded by floral died pattered 

What is so powerful about this new Tri-Peptide Avance Elixir?
The Avance Elixir has been formulated using Meiritage, a unique blend of Chinese root extracts and three powerful peptide complexes (Matrixyl 3000, Trylagen, and Matrixyl Synthé 6). It’s an anti-ageing product that has multifunctional benefits, targeting three signs of ageing: dehydration, wrinkles, and hyperpigmentation. It restores the epidermis' (top layer of the skin) integrity, stimulates collagen synthesis and counteracts the production of the melanin pigments (melanogenesis) while also correcting oxidative stress caused from UV radiation and pollution. All these benefits help to improve the skin’s overall tone, texture, and appearance. 

How does it work on the skin?
In the end, everything works because it induces DNA activity somewhere along the line. There are many genes associated with collagen formation and there are many collagens, so this cocktail of Chinese root extracts work on different genes to reduce the appearance of pigmentation (by 54 percent in some studies) and hydrates skin leaving it luminous-looking. It also works well with Matrixyl 3000, which at Environ is important as we were one of the pioneers in using Matrixyl in its various forms.

Who should use this elixir and how often?
Anyone and it can be added to your daily routine when the signs of sun damage and ageing are present. As we know, improved skin integrity as well as an even tone ultimately leads to a healthier and younger-looking skin that glows with a restored radiance. This elixir can be used both morning and night.

Environ also has an Avance Cream – what is the difference between the Moisturiser and the Elixir?
The main difference is the addition of the ingredient Měiritage (Chinese root extracts). Both the Avance Creme and Elixir are for anyone who feels they are “allergic” to vitamin A, with this elixir you never have to worry about sensitivities or allergies or retinoid (vitamin A) reactions.  
The Avance Creme is the perfect introduction for someone who wants a luxurious cream but does not want to use vitamin A-infused product and if you prefer a serum rather than cream, or have pigmentation issues it's ideal. It's not simply an “add-on” product but a significant additional product, it's also the perfect introduction to the Environ brand. And finally, for anyone taking a course of skin needling, it offers a higher chance of getting a superior result. 

This month only Environ Focus Care Youth+ Avance Elixir, 50ml comes with a free cosmetic bag and costs $154, which is the same price as the 30ml.
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