The latest hair hack you will love

Heat styling and the sun are not great combos when it comes to hair health. Enter hair dusting, the latest trend that cuts off the damage without compromising the length. Trudi Brewer explains.

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The latest hair hack celebrity stylists are raving about is hair dusting. This technique gives hair a new lease on life, leaving it looking and feeling instantly healthy and smooth. Split ends are often the reason hair is prone to frizz, but once your stylist runs the blades down the hair shaft in super fast movements, it removes the frizz in seconds. Sal Salcedo is the L.A hairstylist responsible for the trend’s resurgence explains: "Hair dusting is a technique in which you don’t get rid of any hair length. Much the same as removing fuzz from clothes, it trims only the damaged hair, saving inches of your hair that you would usually lose in your standard trim." While this does requires skill, a DIY hair dusting can be done at home, by twisting sections of hair and snipping off the fly away split ends which are not bound in the twist - but you will need to be patient it does take time. 
Sal Salcedo shares is hair dusting technique with beauty media on Instagram.

How to: To further smooth split ends, once hair is dry, spritz a mist over styled hair and brush through, from the mid-lengths to the ends. Here's our pick of shine mists.

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