Skin saviours

The not so pretty side of beauty is cracked lips and heels, dry cuticles and flaking skin. But we have a solution. Hard-working balms and salves fit for every desk drawer, bedside table and handbag. So the next time skin needs some nourishment - you will be prepared.  

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Here's our pick of skin savers.


Pure Fiji Dilo Body Butter, $26
Wild-harvested from the shores of the Pacific islands, this precious nut falls from what's known as the ‘tree of a thousand virtues'. Bursting with antioxidant, antibacterial and antimicrobial benefits, once cold-pressed the rich oil from this nut kick starts the repair process in skin, the moment you apply it. For hydrating dry, irritated skin, soothing sensitive skin conditions such as dermatitis, eczema and psoriasis - it will also heal dry hair and cracked cuticles. One word sums up this nut - amazing. But before your surrender to the world of dilo; this special natural oil comes with a unique earthy, nutty aroma.
How to use it: Best used straight from the shower, after shaving legs or exfoliating. It will also soothe skin that is wind or sun burned, reducing redness in seconds. And for a dry complexion try, Dilo Oil Anti Aging Booster, $65. We add a couple of drops into moisturiser, before applying to the face.

Egyptian Magic

Egyptian Magic, $54
For dry hands and cuticles, the rich olive oil in this balm is an excellent healer. Along with antioxidant benefits, there are also antibacterial properties from honey which make this balm gentle enough to apply to cracks around the mouth or angry, inflamed skin.
How to use it: Make sure your hands are clean when using this solid balm, it is an open pot, so you need to be careful not to dip dirty fingers into it.


Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Fragrance-Free, $35
There is no skin salve quite as famous as this one. Created 70 years ago by Elizabeth Arden, it was the first cosmetic product to bear her name. Created to heal the bruises on her beloved thoroughbred horses'. Fast forward to today, and this skin saviour can be found in women's handbags across the globe. It will soothe, soften and protect chapped lips and parched cuticles, hydrate rough spots on knees, feet and elbows, and is an instant healer for wind or sunburn. We have even been known to use it as a frizz fighter for our hair, or slather it on leather shoes to add shine and nourishment before we race out the door - it's genius. 
How to use it:  Packed in a convenient tube, it's perfect for travel - one tip a little goes a long way.


Trilogy Everything Balm, $40
Another multi-tasking balm for dehydrated skin. It lives up to its name - fixing anything that needs nourishing. From dry cuticles, to cracked lips, it even soothes nappy rash, and can be used as a massage oil. Rich in omega 3 and 6, vitamins and antioxidants, for anyone searching for green-inspired beauty, this balm will fit the bill. Environmentally conscious, using fair trade ingredients including marula oil from Namibia, and certified organic rosehip oil from Lesotho in Africa. The jojoba oil is from North America, while the free-range honey is sourced right here in New Zealand.  
How to use it: Again make sure your hands a clean when dipping fingers in this tin. And, when using for massage, make sure you warm it in up in your palms for a few minutes before applying.