Tangle Teezer Tales

It's been touted as one of the most successful creations in the beauty world and for good reason. If you are not yet accustomed to the wonderful world of Tangle Teezer, Sarah Simpson is about to tell you why she has one in every colour.

The brand is kept exciting and ever-changing thanks to constant design innovations. Image Pinterest

For a product which was thrown out of the famous TV show, Dragon's Den, founder Shaun Pulfrey is most certainly having the last laugh with news that his company is reportedly valued at 330 million dollars. This simple and successful SKU now sells 19 brushes every single minute around the world making it one of the most successful hair launches to date. 

Essentially the success of this brush lies in the design which consists of plastic teeth that vary in height allowing for a smoother combing experience. Hair loss is minimised, knots are far less painful to remove all the while getting a strangely addictive scalp massage from the prongs.

With the success of the original rocketing this brand to the top, along came some other innovations which included a larger version, Salon Elite for longer styles and also Aqua Splash, which has been designed for the shower. Most recently the vented design Paddle Brush was created with styling in mind. Along with all of these, there are also countless one-off limited edition designs making it somewhat of a collector's item (the pug design is a personal favourite).

With countless beauty awards and accolades all over the globe, this is most certainly a case of 'the little brush that could'.

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